Public Transport



Public Transport in the ACT is provided by the ACT Internal Omnibus Network (ACTION). Services include regular route services, dedicated school services, express services, special needs transport service and charter buses.


Transport Canberra

The new MyWay ticketing system will use the latest smartcard technology. New cards with inbuilt microchips will replace the outdated magnetic tickets. This means no more jamming of tickets in the machine! Passengers simply hold the MyWay card against the reader as they get on and off the bus. It's as simple as ag on - tag off. The system does the rest.

Student Transport Program

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

The Student Transport Program (STP) provides eligible primary, high school and college students with free bus travel Monday to Friday during school term.

Transport for students with disabilities

Education and Training Directorate

Students with a disability who are enrolled in special settings may be entitled to free transport to and from school.

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