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Make sure that you have read the Design and Brand Guidelines before proceeding to use the ACT Government branding material below.

ACT Government Logo
Logo typeMicrosoft Office Format (WMF) High End Printing Format (EPS/TIF)Website Format (PNG/JPG)

ACT Government logo:

ACT Government

ACT Govt inline black WMF

ACT Govt inline reversed WMF

ACT Govt stacked black WMF

ACT Govt stacked reversed WMF

ACT Govt inline black EPS

ACT Govt inline reversed EPS

ACT Govt stacked black EPS

ACT Govt stacked reversed EPS

ACT Govt inline black PNG

ACT Govt inline reversed PNG

ACT Govt stacked black PNG

ACT Govt stacked reversed PNG


ACT Government

ACT Govt wordmark WMF

ACT Govt wordmark EPS and TIF

ACT Govt wordmark JPG

‘Sponsored by’:

Sponsored by ACT Government

Sponsored black WMF

Sponsored Reversed WMF

Sponsored black EPS

Sponsored reversed EPS

Sponsored black PNG

Sponsored reversed PNG

Sponsored black JPG

‘Supported by’:

Supported by ACT Government

Supported black WMF

Supported reversed WMF

Supported black EPS

Supported reversed EPS

Supported black PNG

Supported reversed PNG

Supported black JPG

‘Initiative of’:

Initiative of ACT Government

Initiative black WMF

Initiative reversed WMF

Initiative black EPS

Initiative reversed EPS

Initiative black PNG

Initiative reversed PNG

Initiative black JPG

‘A program of’:

A Program of ACT Government


Program of black EPS

Program of reversed EPS

Program of black PNG

Program of reversed PNG

Program of black JPG

‘A partner of’:

A Partner of ACT Government

Partner of inline black WMF

Partner of inline reversed WMF

Partner of stacked black WMF

Partner of stacked reversed WMF

Partner of inline black EPS

Partner of inline reversed EPS

Partner of stacked black EPS

Partner of stacked reversed EPS

Partner of inline black PNG

Partner of inline reversed  PNG

Partner of stacked black PNG

Partner of stacked reversed PNG

Co-branded Logos
Logo typeMicrosoft Office Format (WMF) High End Printing Format (EPS/TIF)Website Format (PNG/JPG)

Access Canberra:

ACT Government

Access Canberra black WMF

Access Canberra reversed WMF

Access Canberra colour WMF

Access Canberra black EPS

Access Canberra reversed EPS

Access Canberra colour EPS

Access Canberra inline black PNG

Access Canberra inline reversed PNG

Access Canberra colour PNG

ACT Emergency Services Agency:

ACT Government


ESA black EPS

ESA reversed EPS

ESA colour EPS


ACT Parks and Conservation:

ACT Government


PCL black EPS

PCL reversed EPS

PCL colour EPS

PCL black PNG

ACT Public School:

ACT Government


Education black EPS

Education reversed EPS

Education and Training EPS

Education and Training reversed EPS


ACT Revenue Office:

ACT Government

Revenue Office black WMF

Revenue Office reversed WMF

Revenue Office stacked WMF

Revenue Office black EPS

Revenue Office reversed EPS

Revenue Office stacked EPS

Revenue Office black PNG

Revenue Office reversed PNG

Revenue Office stacked PNG

Gambling and Racing Commission:

ACT Government


ACT Gambling EPS

ACT Gambling reversed EPS

ACT Gambling colour EPS

ACT Gambling PNG

ACT Gambling reversed PNG

ACT Gambling colour PNG

National Arboretum Canberra:

ACT Government


NAC black EPS

NAC colour reversed EPS

NAC colour  EPS


The Canberra Hospital:

ACT Government


Canberra Hospital black EPS

Canberra Hospital reverse EPS

Canberra Hospital colour EPS

Canberra Hospital colour PNG

Transport Canberra:

ACT Government


Transport Canberra Black EPS

Transport Canberra colour (CMYK) EPS

Transport Canberra colour (RGB) EPS