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The Directory provides a guide to key people, organisations, functions undertaken and services delivered in the ACT Government.

Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate

The Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate (CMTEDD) leads the public sector and works collaboratively both within government and with the community to  achieve positive outcomes.

As a central agency, CMTEDD provides strategic advice and support to the Chief Minister, the Directorate’s Ministers and the Cabinet on policy, economic and financial matters, service delivery, whole of government issues and intergovernmental relations. The Directorate facilitates the implementation of government priorities, drives initiatives as well as leads the strategic direction for the ACT Public Service (ACTPS), to ensure that it is well positioned to perform its role.

Community Services Directorate

Community Services Directorate has responsibility for a wide range of human services functions in the ACT; including multicultural and community affairs; public and community housing services and policy; children; youth and family support services and policy; disability policy and services; therapy services; Child and Family Centres; the ACT Government Concessions Program; homelessness and community services.

Education Directorate

Education Directorate

The Education Directorate delivers high quality education services through government schools, registers non government schools and administers vocational education and training in the ACT.

Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate promotes sustainable living and resource use, strengthens the Territory's response to climate change, and provides a planning and land use system that contributes to the sustainable development of the ACT.

The Directorate's aim is to lead the Territory in developing and implementing targeted policies and programs that address environment protection and sustainability, nature conservation, heritage, water and energy security, sustainable urban design, and sustainable transport and spatial planning.

Health Directorate

Health Directorate provides a comprehensive range of health services to the people of the Australian Capital Territory. Health Directorate sets health policy; plans the delivery of health services; while ensuring these services meet community needs. Health Directorate also funds a range of non-Government organisations to provide vital healthcare services to the people of the ACT and surrounding region.

Justice and Community Safety Directorate

The Justice and Community Safety Directorate comprises several agencies and is responsible for a wide range of activities and services in the areas of justice; the law; emergencies; commercial practices and government elections.

Transport Canberra and City Services

Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) delivers a wide range of services which Canberrans rely on every day. These include collecting recycling and rubbish removal, running public libraries, mowing open space, building and managing our roads, footpaths and cycle paths, operating our public transport system, and maintaining many of Canberra's lakes and ponds.

A number of the ACT Government’s commercial operations are run by TCCS, including ACT NOWaste, Capital Linen Service, Yarralumla Nursery, and the ACT Public Cemeteries Authority. TCCS employs close to 2000 staff working in locations across the ACT.

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