Domestic Animals

Changes to ACT Dog and Cat Laws

Transport Canberra and City Services

The Domestic Animals Act 2000 and the Array are the pieces of legislation in the ACT of relevance to domestic animals. These changes include lifetime dog registration, compulsory microchipping of dogs at point of sale, improved regulation of dangerous and attacking dogs, cat de-sexing at 3 months of age and licensing the keeping of multiple cats.

Recreation areas for dogs

Transport Canberra and City Services

Wondering where in the ACT to take your furry best friend? There are lots of places to take your dog to ensure they get regular exercise and socialisation. These include on- and off-leash walking areas, dog-friendly swimming areas and fenced dog parks.

Dog Registration

Transport Canberra and City Services

It is compulsory for all dogs in the ACT over the age of 8 weeks to be registered. Find information about how to register, registration renewal, dog tags, desexing, multiple dog licences and dangerous dog licences.

Domestic Animal Services

Transport Canberra and City Services

Find information on lost, found and impounded dogs, dog registration, infringements, dog and cat laws, dog care tips, fees and charges and domestic animal and animal welfare legislation in the ACT. Report dogs excessive barking, also information on breeding licences and requirements.

Keeping Poultry in the ACT

Health Directorate

Legislation regarding poultry is administered by the Health Protection service. Detailed information on keeping poultry in residential areas, including hygiene. Noise complaints should be directed to Domestic Animal Services.

Lost Dogs

Transport Canberra and City Services

Dogs currently listed by their owners as lost.

Paw Bearers


The first owner operated Pet Cremation Facility in the ACT and Surrounding districts. It is comforting to know that your pet can be remembered and cared for in death just as we would care for a human loved one who has passed away.



Find out about the RSPCA's main functions, history, education, animal shelter, inspectorate, funding, and membership. Also hosts a 'Pets in the shelter' and a 'Lost and found' database.

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