Meet City Renewal Authority CEO Malcolm Snow

Meet City Renewal Authority CEO Malcolm Snow

24 January 2018

With an impressive career spanning four decades, Malcolm Snow, City Renewal Authority CEO, is charged with leading the transformation of the City Renewal Precinct.

As one of Australia’s leading place makers, Malcolm has high expectations for the future of the city precinct. His extensive resume includes positions as Chief Executive of the National Capital Authority, Head of Design with the City of Melbourne, Director of international consulting firm Urbis and, CEO of the South Bank Corporation in Brisbane.

Malcolm brings this wealth of knowledge to the City Renewal Authority, which has been tasked with shaping the growth of the central parts of Canberra to create a competitive city that sets new standards in city living, urban quality, sustainability and resilience.

“With Canberra’s population expected to reach 500,000 by 2031, our city needs urban renewal that provides world-class buildings, facilities and spaces for the benefit of everyone in our city,” Malcolm said.

“More than simply bricks and mortar, people will be at the centre of our places.  The high-quality public spaces we want to create will promote people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.

“Great cities are not just the outcome of good design; they are a culmination of the way in which their different parts interact. The connections people make to places is often based on their experiences in those places.”

Part of the City Renewal Authority’s remit is to manage the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy. The levy applies to all commercial properties in the city and some selected areas of Braddon to enliven, improve and promote the city centre.

“The levy is an important tool that we have to help make the city precinct the pre-eminent location in Canberra,” Malcolm said.

“While we will be doing a lot of government funded work within the precinct the little-bit extra that the levy provides will directly assist in making the city centre the top-of-mind place for people to work, live and visit."