Our award-winning city landscape

City Renewal Authority / 13 Jul 2022

Our award-winning city landscape

Canberrans can now proudly claim our city renewal landscaping projects are not only beautiful, but award-winning. The City Renewal Authority is honoured that three of our projects were recently recognised at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects ACT Awards.

Image of three CRA staff members holding the AILA awards includes two males and one female

The Landscape Architecture Awards program recognises and promotes the achievements and work of landscape architects across Australia. We were among some truly spectacular projects and we wish to congratulate the many other winners and nominees – it’s a privilege to be able to enjoy so many other excellent landscape architecture projects across our city.

The Civic Landscape Award celebrates projects that are public in nature and capture and contribute to the culture and amenity of the urban environment around them. The design of our City Walk Urban Renewal project offers visitors a variety of spaces and places in which they can gather, from a large formal expanse of grass dotted with seating to more intimate spaces incorporating raised garden beds and diverse planting, providing welcome relief from an otherwise hard-scaped and heat island-affected urban setting. Thank you to our project partners Oculus, TCL and RORK for bringing this project to life.

Image of City Walk upgrade including benches, green trees and people enjoying the space

The award for Landscape Planning recognises constructed or strategic projects, including strategic design and guiding policy documents and visual assessments. Congratulations to our Place Success Dashboard project which draws together diverse ACT Government data, including urban planning information, tree information, public use surveys and transport data, and presents it in a unified manner, allowing for real-time interrogation and comparison. Among its many benefits, the dashboard provides a platform for the City Renewal Authority to evaluate the success of our projects and improve upon them in further iterations. We were proud to work together with ACT Government Data Analytics Centre on this project.

CRA staff member sitting at computer using the place success dashboard

Last but certainly not least, the award for Parks and Open Space was awarded to Henry Rolland Park and recognises the contribution that parks and open space, or strategic open space projects make in balancing the demand for recreation, culture and the environment. The site for Henry Rolland Park was disconnected physically and visually from many parts of the edge of Lake Burley Griffin and adjoining Commonwealth Avenue. Our design of the park was created in a way that visually commands attention and lures people to the site by providing a range of amenities, colour and contrast. The park provides locals with a different perspective and vista of their city and another place to enjoy along the lake’s edge. We are grateful to our project partners who helped shape and deliver this project; Hill Thalis, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture, Indesco, Chincivil, G2W Project Management Services, democracyCo, and Formswell.

Image of Henry Rolland Park next to Lake Burley Griffin

Next time you are venturing around our great city, we hope you stop and notice some of the public landscaped spaces and consider how you enjoy and interact with them. These awards highlight the consideration and joy that is poured into making our city a delight to explore.

Learn more about the awards and winning projects on the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects website.

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