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City Renewal Authority / 01 Jul 2020

With help from the Jobs for Canberrans program, the City Renewal Authority team welcomed seven new team members who are giving new life to the City Centre.

After finishing school in Canberra, 19-year-old Bailey Goymer-Peak decided to visit his birth nation of England for the first time in 14 years.

“I was in England when COVID-19 hit,” he said. “I did the whole travelling thing, played rugby over there and started working over there as well.

“I had trips booked about now-ish - I was still meant to be over there.”

Instead, Bailey was forced to cut his adventure short and return to the ACT.

“Being back home, it was a rush to find work – having to pay rent and board at home.”

Bailey was one of the hundreds of Canberrans to find work during COVID-19 through the Jobs for Canberrans program. He and six other recruits recently started work with the City Renewal Authority.

“One day we’re planting annuals for Floriade,” said Bailey’s co-worker and fellow Jobs for Canberrans recruit Seamus Horley, “But we also do cleaning, pressure washing, and heaps of other things. The variety is the best bit. It’s never the same day to day.”

Twenty-one-year-old Seamus is a lifelong Canberran. Before COVID-19, he was working as a tree surgeon.

“When COVID hit I think everyone panicked and they didn’t want to spend their money, so the boss didn’t have work and I lost my job, which is fair enough. I’m not going to be upset at him for it.

“This new job is very important to me. I was out of money, so I’m very grateful to have a job.”

The Jobs for Canberrans Fund was established in April 2020 to provide employment opportunities for people in the casual or semi-skilled workforce who lost their jobs or have been significantly impacted due to COVID-19.

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