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City Renewal Authority team / 04 May 2020

People-focused, design-led urban renewal that supports and promotes social and environmental sustainability and economic growth is the City Renewal Authority’s mission.

We are a passionate team of planners, architects, project managers and communications professionals that come to work each day with one aim in mind - to make great places for people!

We can’t do this alone. We aim to foster constructive partnerships with the community, industry and all stakeholders because the best outcomes for Canberra occur when all voices are represented.

This newsroom is a space for you to visit, read and connect with different members of our team. Drawing on our team’s knowledge, skills and expertise we will update you on our projects. We want to engage with you to help us frame the bigger picture informing our work. This is also why we advocate so strongly for a place-led approach and why design excellence matters.

Our unique city continues to evolve as the place of the Ngunnawal, as the seat of Federal Parliament, to its emergence as one of the world’s most liveable cities with an internationally recognized and distinctive urban identity. With a global pandemic at the centre of everyone’s mind, shifting the way we live our lives and how we encourage people to use our precinct is our immediate focus in how we are reshaping it and how it successfully recovers economically, socially and environmentally.

We want to create contemporary, lively spaces that stimulate creativity and innovation and support a diversity of possibilities. Our city precinct provide places for everyone and it’s important that everyone is involved in its ongoing evolution.

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The City Renewal Authority Team.

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