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crowd of people in Garema Place

Welcome to the City Renewal Authority blog

Canberra Urban Renewal

People-focused, design-led urban renewal that encourages and promotes social and environmental sustainability and economic growth is our responsibility at the City Renewal Authority.

City Renewal Authority team / 04 May 2020

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Why good design matters

Design Urban Renewal Canberra

While the City Renewal Precinct is the heart of Canberra, design excellence is at the heart of the City Precinct Renewal Program and the work of the Authority. It is through the application of high-quality design that we will achieve the urban renewal outcomes that will benefit Canberrans for decades to come.

Malcolm Snow / 03 May 2020

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crowd of people listening to a pianist

Canberra: the mood has changed

Charles Landry Cities Canberra

I am an outsider looking in and intensely interested in how places make the most of their potential. I have just visited Canberra again after a five-year period and I noticed a buzz in the atmosphere. It feels as if there is more self-assurance and people are less willing to accept outsiders saying that ‘Canberra lacks energy'.

Charles Landry / 29 Apr 2020

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