Community Engagement Review

Community engagement review

The City Renewal Authority undertook a review of community engagement activities related to the planning of the city precinct.

These documents extend over the past 15 years and describe the planning vision for the city's future. They include discussion papers and reports that had significant input from community and were prepared by different organisations including:

This is the beginning of the process and the authority will undertake a more detailed analysis through the development of a Precinct Renewal Program.

32,000 pieces of feedback were gathered in the creation of these 23 documents. Six themes were recurring.  They include:

A city of people - Develop, renew and strengthen partnerships between community, industry and stakeholders to make the precinct full of places we can all use, enjoy and be proud of.

A creative city - Arts enrich people’s lives and play a major role in unifying communities, activating public spaces, promoting investment, boosting tourism and lifting economic activity.

An active city - Activate our precinct through best-practice place making that embraces a community focused approach.

A sustainable city - Support greenhouse gas emissions targets, promote innovative building and good urban design, nurture social connectedness and a more equitable city.

A connected city - Create a place to spend time and connect with others so it is easy and convenient to move around and encourages active travel. Shape the growth of Canberra to make it the premier place to connect us to each other.

A progressive city - Collaborate with community, business and government to create a re-energised precinct that is sustainable, liveable and attractive.  We will use new and emerging technologies to improve quality of life.

Under each theme below are a summary of comments outlined in the 23 planning documents reviewed. These themes will guide how we formulate a program for the renewal of the city precinct. Based on the six themes, we are developing an action plan to bring our collective vision for the city precinct to life. We want your help to create this action plan. Help us develop the plan to improve our growing city precinct by providing feedback on the YourSay website.

A creative city

An active city

A city of people

A sustainable city

A connected city

A progressive city

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