The City Renewal Authority is committed to engaging effectively with the community in a meaningful, accountable, responsive and equitable way. Just like all Canberrans, we at the City Renewal Authority love our city and recognise its unique character. We recognise and respect its history and heritage, its significance as the country’s capital, its beauty as a city of tree lined streets, parks and nature and its evolution into a modern active urbane city coupled with its ease of living.

And just like all Canberrans we want the best for our wonderful city. We know it’s essential to work with the community and stakeholders to achieve that and ensure we enhance the things we love to create a city precinct that we can all enjoy.

Engaging effectively with the community and stakeholders:

The City Renewal Authority’s engagement approach and activities is guided by the ACT Government the ACT Whole of Government Communications and Engagement Strategy 2017 – 2019

The level of involvement for projects spans the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum:

The City Renewal Authority has established a Communications and Engagement Committee made up of members of the City Renewal Board. The committee supports meaningful and effective community engagement activities that enable the Canberra community to directly contribute to the renewal of the city precinct. The Committee supports the development of leading engagement practices, including co-design methods, and supports research into best practice engagement.

To help us better understand what is important to Canberrans and identify common themes and ideas, we have reviewed and analysed a range of planning and engagement processes conducted over the last ten years that relate to the city precinct. The knowledge and information from that process will help develop some planning and design principles that will guide and direct the precinct as it evolves.

It will also guide our commitment to an engagement model and approach to ensure the community and stakeholders have an ongoing role in how those principles apply to the city precinct.

To help shape the city centre, contribute to the engagement process and activities below, check back in on this site, join our email lists or follow us on social media channels.

See what we have previously engaged on and view the results in the past section below.

Open engagements

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Renewing Haig Park

The Haig Park Place Plan has been created to ensure the park is a safer, vibrant, accessible and healthy place to visit and enjoy. Have your say on the experiments happening in the park.

Past engagements

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Activities and Initiatives in Civic

Help us evaluate the success of our recent activities and initatives in Civic by taking part in a short five minute survey to share your opinions and thoughts.

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Braddon Precinct Plan

The City Renewal Authority hosted a ‘drop-in’ session in Braddon to hear the local community’s big ideas for the future of the area. Ideas ranged from food markets to more public bins and greater greenery in the area.

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Dickson Precinct Plan

The City Renewal Authority is connecting with the active group of local traders through workshops and events, as well as a broader audience through short-term activations to create the Dickson Precinct Plan.

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Precinct Renewal Program

Public consultation was open to ask for your contribution in creating an action plan to help improve our growing city precinct. This consultation focused on six renewal themes identified from community and stakeholder feedback received over the last 15 years on a vision for our city centre.

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Future City Playgrounds

This consultation is currently closed for comment. We received over 950 responses to this survey. We will now analyse this data to better understand what makes these places an important community feature to you and how and why you use playgrounds.

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Naming West Basin's newest park

We are transforming the old car park at West Basin into a new public park. Over five weeks people were able to vote for a preferred name for the new park.

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City Activation

We have been seeking your feedback on what makes Canberra such a great place to live, explore and enjoy. We have also asked for your ideas on what we can improve to make sure it continues to be a great city. Thank you for all your help, the contributions and feedback.