Great Place Guide

great place guideA great new guide to making great places

The City Renewal Authority has released a guide to placemaking to help those involved in Canberra’s renewal take a best practice approach to making great places.

The Great Place Guide acknowledges that while government has a significant role in renewal, everybody has a role to play, from businesses, community groups and developers to architects, designers, planners, entertainers, artists and any member of the community.

The guide is a free resource for anybody with an interest in creating great places that support great communities. It is an opportunity to share our place-related work as we pursue our ambition for the transformation of our city centre.

The guide takes a practical approach and reflects the Authority’s ‘people first’ philosophy, putting the community at the core of the renewal process.

The Great Place Guide describes the steps for realising successful renewal outcomes and creating memorable places where people want to spend time. A city full of places that people love, and love to use, must of course be a universal goal for anyone involved in shaping the urban environment.

Developed with the assistance of Canberra landscape architects and placemaking specialists, Tait Network, the guide draws on the experience of placemaking organisations around the world, including the non-profit Project for Public Places.

The guide explains what placemaking is, why it’s important, and how to do it.

It aims to help people make great places that:

The Great Place Guide is only a starting point for people who are interested in placemaking but also contains a list of resources to help people take their next steps on the path to making great places.

The guide has been welcomed by leaders in the placemaking movement.

Place Leaders Asia Pacific CEO Joanne Taylor:

“A beautifully designed, comprehensive, wholistic guide that introduces both community and practitioners to what placemaking is, the principles that drive it, why place it is so important and how to act to make change.

"A marvellous resource for best-practice place leadership.”

Co-founder of Neighbourlytics and globally recognised urban strategist Lucinda Hartley:

"Great places don't happen accidentally, their authenticity requires careful cultivation of context, community and culture.

“The Great Place Guide is a simple overview of the key factors to consider when working on any placemaking project.

"Placemaking is as much about the process as it is about the place itself. It's about a combination of the hardware, software and a place's operating system (or organisational infrastructure). The best places are by everyone, for everyone."

Download a copy of The Great Place Guide here.