Support Refill Canberra

5 August 2019

Do you have a business that is looking for ways to support both sustainability and healthy living? An easy way you can add to your business’ arsenal of helping the planet is by becoming a Refill Canberra station.

Refill Canberra encourages the community to carry a reusable water bottle when people are out and about and to refill with tap water at participating business. That way, instead of purchasing a single-use plastic water bottle, people can simply fill up their own water container. More and more people are carrying their own water bottle to be more sustainable and avoid unnecessary plastic. As a business, consider becoming a refill station so that community members can come and fill their water bottles up from you – it’s a healthy and sustainable option!

Not only will you helping our planet, you’ll get even more back in return. Refill Canberra will put you on their online map and will share the good work you’re doing for a healthier community on their social channels. It’s easy to sign up and, when you do, you’ll get a window sticker and fact sheet mailed to you. To find out more, visit the website here.