Meet the team

Meet the team

21 December 2017

From Tuesday, 2 January, 2018 the City Renewal Authority's doors will be open to the public, for city stakeholders to drop in for a conversation.

The City Renewal Authority takes over the management of the levy paid by property owners from 1 January 2018. The team is keen to meet city stakeholders and to chat about any issues they have.

The City Renewal Authority is looking forward to its program of works in 2018 that will continue to enliven and activate the city centre, making it a great place to live, explore and enjoy.

Drop in to the lobby for a conversation from 2 January onwards between 9:30am - 5pm at City Renewal Authority Canberra Nara Centre, 1 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City. Alternatively, send an email to The team would love to hear from you.