We want to work with you

We want to work with you

24 January 2018

The City Renewal Authority wants to work in partnership with you to create a city centre for everyone to enjoy.

Share your events, stories and comments over social media by tagging @cityrenewalCBR. We are happy to share your good news with the broader Canberra community.

Great places are not created by working independently. We want your input on how best to revitalise the City Renewal Precinct.  The team is keen to have a conversation with you.  Let us know a good time for us to visit your business in the city. You can also come by our offices between 9:30am-5pm at the ground floor of the Canberra Nara Centre, 1 Constitution Avenue, Canberra City; send us an email at cityrenewal@act.gov.au; or call us on (02) 6205 1878.

This is the first edition of the authority’s monthly newsletter to City Renewal Precinct businesses. Let us know how we can best use this monthly update to deliver you relevant information.

Be sure to keep your contact details up to date - by providing your name, business name, phone number and email address via email to cityrenewal@act.gov.au - so we can continue to let you know of the latest city news.

We are excited to work in partnership with you to reinforce and bring our city identity to life.