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Serendipity: events that happen by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Doing that one thing that opens the door to many others. For Lisa McPherson her serendipitous moment was applying for her first job in Canberra 22 years ago, in the inner-city suburb of Braddon.

Walking through that door into her new position at Nexus Human Services has led Lisa on a path of connecting with so many people, a path that also connects others with the jobs they need to give them their own moment of serendipity too.

Lisa is CEO of Nexus Human Services, which provides employment services to people who have a disability or mental health condition. Providing specialised employment solutions for businesses, Nexus is a not-for-profit organisation that offers a wide range of recruitment services at no cost.

Lisa says Nexus supports people to find employment and then provides them with ongoing support while they are working. Nexus is also an NDIS service provider.  Lisa says she really loves connecting with people through her work, and she loves being in Braddon.

“It’s so much about feeling a real connection, when you have been coming here for so long ... I was just new to Canberra when I first started here, I had my interview on Lonsdale Street, and I didn’t even know where that was,” Lisasaid.

“I’ve been coming to Braddon now for 22 years, since I first started working for Nexus, and I have seen it change so much. I love it. It’s got a lot more modern feel now. I love the accessibility, I love our office space itself, it’s so nice that we are in an open area and we can look out from our boardroom and see trees. We have great access to shops too.

“Our whole team really loves Braddon. We often go to Civic Pub on Lonsdale Street, which is basically next door to where we are. Rye is the coffee shop just across the road - it’s really nice for breakfast. The city is also so close.

“We are very lucky, we have a good team environment, and the disability employment industry really challenges your skills and how you operate.

“We are so lucky, too, that we get to see people achieve their goals. We have a really fantastic environment and executive team, so coming to work is a whole lot easier when you are surrounded by people who make you feel motivated.”

Lisa says the focus of her day is about connecting with others, attending numerous meetings, connecting with the business community and the community sector and leading her team. With so many meetings during the day, things have looked a little different over the past few months due to Covid-19.

“We generally see people face to face, and so during the Covid-19 pandemic we had to introduce working from home. But our staff were able to service their clients flexibly through phone and video calls,” Lisa said.

“I think our team really missed coming into the Lonsdale Street office, we have a really great space in Braddon, our staff really like it - they really missed the connection to what else is around them, the coffee shops, the lunch spots - they missed the connection to each other.”

Connect with the people in your city, just like Nexus Human Services do. You can find Nexus’ national office at 67-68/10 Lonsdale Street Braddon ACT 2612, and online, or on Facebook.

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