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A place for mindful movement in Canberra’s city centre

If there’s one takeout from 2020, it’s the importance of health and wellbeing. Whether you discovered this while at home during the Covid-19 restrictions period, or you’ve always made it a high priority, clearing your mind and moving more definitely can contribute to your overall mental health. And good mental health is really needed right now, perhaps more than ever.

Indeed, using mindful movement such as yoga to set yourself up for the day, or to finish your day strong, could be an invaluable tool in creating a better lifestyle for yourself. A tool to really feed your soul. And it’s a real passion for the women who run Canberra yoga studio, SOULution Yoga in Braddon.

“People are awesome, but they don’t necessarily know they are. The people we come across in our practice, we like to leave them better than we found them. We like to have a positive impact on everyone that comes through the door. We like to boost people up,” said one half of SOULution Yoga, Roz Penfold.

Roz, a specialist sports physiotherapist and yoga teacher, joined Bonnie Argo, a yoga teacher with many years practice, to open SOULution in Braddon in 2015 for the provision of wellness classes. They provide yoga, Pilates and barre, and Bonnie and Roz explain that the yoga classes they offer are signature classes designed with the science of movement in mind, a real point of difference for their studio. Their mission is to provide a home where everyone is received as they are, with options for all levels, ages and physical abilities.

The pair love the connection they find in their city-centre studio.

“It’s all about community, the eclectic and multicultural community coming into the one space,” Bonnie said.

“One of the things I enjoy is the feeling of a small business community - that I can teach a class, go grab an ice cream from Frugii, or go and grab a coffee at Barrio. I love seeing the life that happens on the street in Braddon. There’s a real vibrancy.

“And there is a real community feeling even though it’s a big city.”

Like countless other Canberra city business owners, Roz and Bonnie and their team of 25 staff had to adapt quickly over these past few months, with their business having to completely shut down in March.

“We really missed the people. We have really close relationships with our clients, we pride ourselves on it. They inform how we help and nurture them,” Bonnie said.

“We are in a building that has two floors of commercial premises. During the closures, we really missed the feeling of the small business community. Being able to interact with our neighbours.”

Ironically, the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed SOULution to connect with communities far beyond their own physical surrounds.

“We had to very quickly work out how to support the business and its sustainability. Seeing the response of customers and the support given when the doors couldn’t open was remarkable. By the end of the first day of shutdown we offered online memberships and classes,” Bonnie said.

“Our online portal with 100 prerecorded classes meant we really extended our reach. We were having Canberrans who have moved away connecting to our classes from as far away as New York, Peru and the Vatican City. There has been a real culture change I think, it has given people the motivation to do something for themselves at home.”

It’s time to rediscover your city and support your own health and wellbeing with businesses like SOULution Yoga. Classes are once again available in-studio seven days a week. You can find SOULution at First Floor 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, and online at, @solutionyoga or on Facebook.

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