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Genuine care for the mental health of Canberrans

It’s an early start for Nesh Nikolic. While most of us are tucked up in bed at 5.30am, Nesh is running. Going for a run helps him clear his mind. And a clear mind is needed in his chosen field.
By 6.30am he is already in his city office. His first client arrives at 7am. And the client becomes his sole focus. Nesh needs to be ready to give that person the skills they need to limit their own distress. He needs to give them his full attention, and a confidential space, to help them understand themselves better. Nesh is a clinical psychologist.

He listens attentively and provides much-needed support for Canberrans at his practice, Strategic Psychology, in the heart of Canberra city. Because, let’s face it, care for mental health is needed more than ever right now.

Nesh and his team of trained psychologists, 17 clinicians and five administrative staff, genuinely care about the mental and emotional wellbeing of Canberrans. With extended hours available for those that need to see a psychologist before or after work, Nesh wants everyone to know it’s a service they can count on.

“We have a motto, ‘our clients are like family members’ - we want them to have the best experiences and the best level of care,” Nesh said.

“People are so vulnerable when they come to see us. To see them work through things is very rewarding.

“We offer people unconditional positive regard . We talk in a private confidential space, we see people live life in a better way through the choices that they make by understanding themselves better.

Strategic Psychology is a psychology practice specialising in therapy and counselling for a range of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and relationship and workplace stress as well as pain management, grief and loss, eating disorders and trauma. These are all experienced by Canberrans, and they can be helped by the team at Strategic.

“If anyone has pain or stress in their lives, we look after them,” Nesh said.

As an essential service, the practice has remained open throughout Covid-19. Nesh explains that while there was a strong lean towards moving to online services, most people still wanted to see a psychologist face to face, to really connect. He says they certainly had a reduction in clients coming in during those initial weeks, but it was the effect on the people of the city centre that was hardest.

“What we did miss then was the vibe. Not seeing other businesses around us opening - the cafes, the restaurants - it was quite bleak. Now there is activity again, businesses are back open. It is lovely to see people back as a return towards normal.”

It’s the city centre that Nesh really loves, which is why he chose to set up new offices there just 18 months ago. He wanted to design the city space from the ground up to give a fantastic experience for both clients and staff to enjoy. He says he is proud of the practice, which is comfortable, welcoming, warm and provides a confidential space to support people in their mental health.

“The city is such a vibrant place. It’s close to other businesses, there is movement, activity, a brightness about it. There’s always some new furniture around town. It’s always changing, like a canvas that’s being painted ongoingly, it’s good to see it build and see it grow. It’s something to be proud of,” Nesh said.

The people at the heart of Canberra’s city centre deserve to connect with someone, to feel supported, to have their mental health cared for. There is a calmness and a wisdom that Nesh brings with him to the city each day, and when that first client arrives at 7am, he is present in every way possible.

You can find Strategic Psychology centrally located on London Circuit, Canberra City, or online at

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