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Braddon and Dickson get a $13.9m upgrade

3 June 2020

Local businesses, residents and visitors to Braddon and Dickson are set to benefit from a major upgrade to their streets thanks to a $13.9 million investment by the ACT Government.

The retail and hospitality districts in Dickson and Braddon will get a makeover to make them safer, more accessible and more attractive.

Two locally based teams had been appointed to undertake the public space plan and design works with SMEC to lead the Braddon upgrades and AECOM leading the Dickson project.

The streetscape works will improve the accessibility, safety and quality of the public spaces in two of Canberra’s favourite entertainment and dining precincts.

Public space plans and detailed designs for the upgrades will draw upon the Braddon and Dickson place plans, completed by the Authority in 2019, which included more pedestrian-friendly footpaths, new street furniture, improved lighting and quality landscaping to strengthen the distinctive characters of each place.

A separate procurement will take place for contractors to deliver the physical upgrades identified in the detailed designs.

The place plans for these two areas involved extensive community consultation and the designs for the upgrades will reflect the communities’ aspirations in those plans.

SMEC and AECOM will also check back in with the local communities to ensure their designs for these important areas will result in high-quality and engaging public spaces that improve access, increase pedestrian and cyclist safety, and create a more attractive public environment that better supports the community and local businesses.

The upgrades will make these popular areas more accessible by providing improved parking options, facilitating active travel choices and creating better connections to neighbouring areas and light rail.

This initial funding will create public space plans for the broader commercial precincts, including community engagement, and the first stage of detailed designs and construction in each area.

The first stage of physical works, which will include Lonsdale Street Braddon, between Cooyong and Girrawheen streets, and Woolley Street, Dickson, will start after the final designs are completed.

The Authority will work with the project leads and local businesses to minimise the impacts from the construction work required to help make these great places even better.

This includes discussions around timing and staging of works to reduce potential impacts on local businesses.

Lonsdale Street lights upgradelonsdale street lights

29 May 2019

Broken lighting in the trees along Lonsdale Street in Braddon will be removed within the next couple of weeks.

To complement Braddon’s energetic nightlife, we’re looking to bring interesting and unique illuminations back into the area in a more sustainable way. This new lighting will replace the existing light fittings that are damaged and need to be replaced.

We will talk with local businesses and residents on possible new tree lighting options for Braddon over the next couple of months.

Green corridors, parklets and wider footpaths for a better Braddon

23 January 2019

A new plan to help build on Braddon’s continued evolution includes increased street greening, pocket gardens, parklets and new places to sit as well as wider-footpaths and new connections through blocks.

The Braddon Place Plan has been created in collaboration with the local community and builds on the area’s existing character.

City Renewal Authority chief executive officer Malcolm Snow said the plan would help improve the public spaces to match the private development in the thriving area.

“Braddon is an evolving neighbourhood that has developed a distinctive character of its own, separate but complementary to that of Civic” Mr Snow said.

“It has grown from a semi-industrial area into a popular entertainment and retail district despite the quality of its public spaces rather than because of them.

“This plan sets out actions that can help bring Braddon’s public spaces, including its streets and parks, up to a standard that will help make the area even better for the people who use it.”

The plan includes short, medium and long-term actions for government, businesses, landowners and the community to improve the experience of Braddon and further strengthen its popularity.

“These actions range from small, quick wins that we can get on with straightaway, including temporary improvements like pocket parks, pop-up play elements and increasing the amount of greenery at street level, as well as infrastructure upgrades like improved ambient lighting and new seating,” Mr Snow said.

“The plan also includes longer-term changes that will take time to implement, like widening the footpaths for more outdoor dining, installing cycle lanes and creating permanent green active-travel corridors.

“We would also love to see better use of private land and will encourage the inclusion of public walkways and laneways to improve connectivity through the blocks.

“This Braddon Place Plan sets a clear path to work together to help Braddon achieve the best outcomes.”

One of the key actions in the place plan is the establishment of a “town team” to galvanise community action to deliver on-the-ground events, activities and small-scale physical improvements to help make Braddon even better.

“While many actions in the place plan are for government to undertake there are others that will be initiated and run by the community or the private sector,” Mr Snow said.

“Establishing a Braddon town team will bring together action-oriented community members to help Braddon evolve for the benefit of the community.”

The City Renewal Authority will host a public event on Thursday 31 January to discuss the place plan. Representatives of the Town Team Movement will also present on the benefits of their model.

Other short-term actions in the Braddon Place Plan include an annual program of events, pop-up play elements, a street music program, high-quality street art and a community gardening program.

Longer-term actions include creating a sense of arrival through signage and art installation, monthly markets for local producers and artists, an annual showcase event or street party and spaces for artists in new developments.

Click here to see the Braddon Place Plan.

Click here if you'd like to find out more about the public event on Thursday 31 January.

Establishing a sense of place in Dickson and Braddon

28 March 2018

The City Renewal Authority will soon ask stakeholders within Dickson and Braddon to help shape the vision  for two of Canberra’s most rapidly changing precincts.

The Dickson group centre and Braddon’s retail and entertainment precinct are home to an increasing residential population through numerous urban renewal projects.

This growing residential population is accompanied by a changing culture and an increased demand for services. As a result, a place-making implementation plan will be designed for these important residential, commercial and entertainment precincts.

The implementation plan will identify tangible actions and projects that take into account community and stakeholder consultation as well as the numerous city plans and strategies that have already been developed for these areas.

Over the next month the authority will consult with place-making experts, local traders and the community to create and implement a place plan for each neighbourhood that is sustainable into the future.

The final product will improve the amenity of the area, resolve movement issues and provide a program of short, medium and long-term improvements.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can provide input into the plan.