Haig Park

Haig Park Master Plan

Haig Park is a heritage-listed park in the heart of Canberra’s city centre.

While it is known for its rows of mixed tree species and its role in Canberra’s history, it is currently underused, is perceived as unsafe and doesn't meet the needs of the community.

The ACT Government is developing a master plan for Haig Park that sets out a long-term vision for the park and suggested short-term actions to make it more inviting and usable while maintaining its heritage value.

The final master plan will identify a range of short, medium and long-term strategies (or actions) to achieve the community’s vision for Haig Park, in line with the themes, objectives and principles in the master plan document.


The master plan will look at all of Haig Park, from Limestone Avenue to Froggatt Street. It will also look at surrounding areas that influence the park including the Turner Tennis Club, Turner Bowls Club and Sullivan’s Creek Parklands.


The master plan, which will be finalised in 2018, will set out how the park could change in the future, where to invest funding and will define what is important about the space and how its character and quality can be conserved and improved.

Based on this master plan, budget funding to implement actions identified will be applied for on an annual basis, and be subject to the usual treasury review and approval.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Two phases of community engagement have already been completed. The first two phases allowed people to participate through an online survey, attending a workshop, emailing a submission or attending a drop-in consultation session.  To find out more about the engagement that has occurred during this project visit Your Say.

The City Renewal Authority will continue to engage with the community on the development of the master plan.