Pedestrian light project

Green light for diversity at Braddon intersection

Pedestrian lights at a Braddon intersection have been changed from a “walking man” to walking same sex couples.

The eight green pedestrian lights at the intersection of Cooyong Street with Lonsdale and Genge streets are the first to be changed within the City Renewal Precinct as part of a new place initiative.

Pedestrian lights that feature same-sex couples to help reflect the diversity of our community.

City Renewal Authority chief executive officer Malcolm Snow said the project would replace selected pedestrian lights around the precinct in order to better recognise the diversity of our community and the different characters of its places.

The new green pedestrian lights were installed on 7 November to coincide with the Spring Out Festival.

“This first location was selected because Braddon has distinctively been the place of celebration for Canberra’s LGBTIQ community,” Mr Snow said.

“A year ago we saw this area filled with people, colour and joy after the country voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality.

“The ‘rainbow roundabout’ installed late last year has been a popular feature, and the area has hosted significant events as part of this year’s SpringOut Festival, which includes the Spring Out Community Picnic in Haig Park this Sunday.

“Starting this project, with this theme, at this location was a really easy decision.”

The authority will now look for other sites within the City Renewal Precinct to upgrade pedestrian lights at intersections.

“The City Renewal Precinct is full of many different people and places and the authority sees strengthening diversity as a critical element of a successful city,” Mr Snow said.

“Where we can match up shapes that capture a specific area’s character and identity, and those shapes can practically be made into a pedestrian light shroud, we will look to extend the project in other parts of the precinct.”