Priority setting for the 2019-20 City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy program

29 April 2019

Recently we held a priority-setting workshop to help us allocate funding for the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy program for 2019-20. The workshop, which was open to all business and building owners in the levy area, complemented feedback from a previous drop-in information session and our ongoing online survey. The survey is still open and, if you haven’t already provided your feedback, we encourage your input as part of the prioritisation process.6 people, standing, talking at a workshop

Over the next couple of months we will allocated funding to the 2019-20 levy projects.

The levy funded activities are:

What we’ve heard so far is that building owners demonstrated a preference for projects focused on delivering physical improvements to the area including capital works, the vibrant streets project and cleaning, maintenance and place management. They also expressed support for an ongoing partnerships and events program.

Similarly, business owners strongly supported capital works and cleaning, maintenance and place management projects in addition to the contributing to a safer community project, communications and engagement and the performance and accountability framework.

Some stakeholders expressed dissatisfaction relating to aspects of city presentation, particularly around the interchange and the Sydney and Melbourne buildings. Some others felt that cleaning and waste management should not be funded through levy payments but rather be included in general municipal services. There were mixed views on the contribution to Civic life from festivals, events and grants with larger and more impactful events being better supported.

We are currently establishing the 2019-20 forward work program, which will be made available on our website in August. Help us get the funding prioritisation right by contributing your feedback around the levy-funded activities. You can take the survey here:

City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy priority setting workshop

26 March 2019

On Thursday 14 March the City Renewal Authority held a workshop to collect feedback on the administration of the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy. We wanted to hear what’s most important to levy payers and business owners in improving Civic and parts of Braddon and Acton into the future.

Thanks to all those who came along. We received valuable feedback from the workshop and the online survey responses. We’ll be collating the information over the next few weeks to help us prioritise levy activity for 2019/20. We'll make the results available online as soon as we possible.