Garema Place & City Walk news

Finding Civic’s new beat

29 January 2020

Building on nearly 10 years’ worth of previous consultation and research, the City Renewal Authority is in the final stages of developing a place plan and concept design for the public spaces in Garema Place, City Walk, Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Place.

At the end of 2019 we held workshops with key stakeholders, including local businesses, the community, the development sector and government, to share and test our design ideas for refreshing these civic spaces. Attendees got to see our draft concept designs and tell us what they thought of our ideas — specifically what they liked and what they were concerned about in each instance.

Overall, people were positive towards the long-term thinking behind the concept designs and could see their previous feedback reflected in them. People were happy to see the ACT Government progressing the project. Attendees were generally accepting of the way the project team has approached each area, with Garema Place as a civic plaza, interventions along City Walk and Petrie Plaza as an important link between the spaces.

When finalised, the place plan will guide the rejuvenation of these key spaces and will be available to view on our website, along with the concept design for public space improvements. The first actions inspired by the place plan will be announced in the coming weeks — so watch this space!

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