Garema Place & City Walk

Garema Place, City Walk, Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Place

Garema Place, City Walk, Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Place are Civic’s most important public places. Their design and use have changed over the decades to meet the needs of a growing and evolving Canberra. This change is continuing with greater residential development, commercial investment, and a desire to see Civic reinforced as the heart and soul of Canberra. The opportunity to reimagine Civic is now and it’s important to get it right.

Garema Place is a landmark destination in the city centre. It is the city’s living room, the place where Canberrans come together to connect with each other. The Ngunnawal meaning of the word is “camp”, which implies coming together, ceremony, and sharing food and drink. It is the meeting place where Canberrans congregate in celebration and protest.

City Walk is a wide, 400m long street distinguished by the elegant, high former entry to the Monaro Mall, which fronts onto it. A once-bustling street open to traffic, the “walk” was created in 1971 when part of Alinga Street was pedestrianised.

At the junction between City Walk and Petrie Plaza is the Civic Carousel, an early 20th century merry-go-round. The carousel has been, and continues to be, a place of fond memories for generations of Canberrans since it was relocated from St Kilda Esplanade, restored and opened in 1974.

At the southern end of the project precinct, Ainslie Place is a green avenue with a formal treed lawn. City workers and shoppers often relax under the trees. The Canberra Times Fountain, gifted to the people of the city in 1979, is often lit up with different colours supporting calendar events and local sports teams.

To reinstate Civic as Canberra’s main shopping and entertainment destination, the City Renewal Authority focused on creating great outcomes for people through great place design.

We are currently developing a place plan for the precinct. To read more about that visit

Map showing project precinct in context of surrounding streets