Precinct Revitalisation Program

Precinct Revitalisation Program

There are parts of the city centre public realm which are aging and require upgrading to improve pedestrian access and safety.

To achieve this, the City Renewal Authority is undertaking a precinct revitalisation program that will, over time, improve the standard of the city’s public spaces.

Further improvements to the city’s streets and public places will be carried out by the private sector as new developments are constructed around the city.  A snapshot of the overall quality of the public realm and the areas identified for improvements over coming years is shown in the location map.


The first step in upgrading our city’s public realm is at London Circuit, between East Row and Ainslie Place.  The upgrades include new paving, street furniture and street lights to create improved areas that provide better access.

The London Circuit project will be followed by similar footpath, lighting, street tree planting and street furniture improvements.

Upgrades to the Akuna Street footpath is the next area that will be improved as part of the project. This work will begin after the upgrades to the London Circuit footpath have finished.

Enhancing existing public spaces will continue to make the city cleaner, safer and more accessible.

Community and stakeholder engagement

The CRA is working with businesses located near construction areas to minimise disruption and to adapt the designs in ways that support continued commercial activity.