Hobart Place

Place Plan and Public Realm Design

The City Renewal Authority is preparing a place plan and design concept for the public realm in the Hobart Place precinct.

The aim for Hobart Place is to create a ‘pocket of joy’ for those who live, work and use the space. We are working with the local community to create a vibrant, useful and delightful people filled place.

The Authority is specifically targeting property owners, developers, workers, residents and business traders operating and/or living in and around the area to be actively involved in the project, however we also welcome any interested people to get involved.

In October we held a set of ‘takeover’ events in Hobart Place to get people's ideas on shaping the future of Hobart Place. We are following this up with a questionnaire in coffee shops. The input from all of these will help us develop the place plan and public realm design.

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Map showing Hobart Place Plan and Public Realm design boundary
Hobart Place Plan and Public Realm design boundary.