Dickson Place Managers

Place Managers to help improve Dickson's Public Spaces

27 May 2020

Dickson place managers, Jhay and TiinaThe City Renewal Authority has appointed a place management team to help improve the public environment in and around the Dickson Group Centre.

Dickson is the second location within the City Renewal Precinct to have a dedicated place manager after the appointment of a city place manager last year.

Capital Space Innovation, represented by Jhay and Tiina Mann, has been contracted to provide place management services following a public tender process. Jhay and Tiina are former local business owners and have a long-standing commitment to the Dickson area. Jhay and Tiina have contributed to community events and movements for Dickson including Jhay being a former Dickson town team president. Living in the local community they are committed to the growth and success of the Dickson Group Centre.

City Renewal Authority chief executive Malcolm Snow said the duo’s local knowledge and experience will be of great benefit in the efforts to make the group centre’s public spaces better, cleaner and greener.

“It is fantastic to have Capital Space Innovation on board to assist with the continued revitalisation of the Dickson Group Centre,” Mr Snow said.

“Jhay has been an active member of the Dickson business community for a number of years and his enthusiasm for making Dickson better has been influential in a number of place improvements and events over recent years.

“Dickson is an important centre, not only for the local community, but also for many people in Canberra. It is centrally located on the light rail route and is one of the best restaurant destinations in the ACT. Our new place managers will play an important role in working with government, the local community and local businesses to help Dickson reach its potential as a premier destination for Canberrans and visitors.”

Since starting in March, CSI has conducted an audit of the existing public spaces at Dickson Group Centre. The authority will work with CSI to manage the presentation and activation of public spaces in Dickson.

“Dickson Group Centre has fantastic potential and the appointment of a place management team to ensure a higher standard of maintenance, cleaning and activation in its different public spaces, will make a significant impact on its presentation,” Mr Snow said.

“This will complement longer-term investments we are making including the upcoming streetscape upgrades that will help bring to life the vision identified in the Dickson Place Plan.”

Having had a long-time connection with Dickson, Jhay said he and Tiina were looking forward to working with the local community and businesses to help make the area even better.

“Dickson is well loved by the local community and has been seen as the epicentre of the inner north for many years,” Mr Mann said.

“We look forward to helping improve the functionality of the public space so it meets the demands of a growing local community as well as creating a sense of pride and ownership that will see Dickson reach its potential as a premier destination for locals and visitors alike.”