Dickson Place Plan

Dickson Place Plan

Dickson is already one of Canberra’s most rapidly evolving regions and the City Renewal Authority has created a Dickson Place Plan in collaboration with the local community to define the area’s existing character and identify actions to help make it even better.

The place plan will guide improvements to public spaces to help the area grow in a way that meets the community’s needs and expectations.

Community engagement was critical in creating the plan and will be just as important in implementing the recommended actions.

The 29 recommended actions in the Dickson Place Plan range from short-term temporary improvements to larger, permanent changes.

These short, medium and long-term actions are a road-map to help strengthen and improve Dickson’s identity as the area continues to evolve and grow.

Some of the actions in the place plan are for government to undertake but others will be delivered by the community or the private sector.

One of the first actions in the plan was the establishment of a "town team" for Dickson.  During the place plan process the authority has supported the establishment of a town team for Dickson and will continue to work with this new independent community group to help make Dickson an even better place to live, work and visit.

Other actions in the place plan include annual  festivals, smaller events, temporary streetscape changes, increased public art and the creation of a Dickson-specific grants program.

As well as community-driven events and activities the City Renewal Authority is also looking at a trial project to upgrade the public spaces along Woolley Street, as well as a temporary park within the Dickson village area with hang-out spaces, skate facilities, games and play spaces.

A place plan is a living document and not all of the recommended actions will need to be implemented for the plan to be successful.  The authority expects place-plan actions to change and adapt as Dickson evolves.

Click here to read the Dickson Place Plan.

Woolley Street Project

One of the first formal activations contained within the place plan is known as the ‘Woolley St. Project’, a series of ideas being trialed to improve the access, amenities and public use spaces in Dickson’s best-known dining precinct, Woolley Street.

Throughout the project period, these activations include changes to the streetscape, installing additional street furniture, and trialing modifications to traffic flow and parking in the Dickson centre. This will also include a series of distinctive events designed to attract more visitors to the area, encouraging both residents and visitors to explore and engage with local businesses.

Find out more about the project here.


Dickson is located within Canberra’s North. The Place Making Implementation Plan covers the city centre within Dickson, bordered by Challis Street, Antill Street and Cowper Street (see map below).

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

The City Renewal Authority and our partners will engage with traders, residents and the wider community to draw on what is already known as well as engage a broad range of stakeholders that bring diverse and important perspectives. We will connect with the active group of local traders through workshops and events, as well as a broader audience through short-term activations.