Woolley St. Project FAQ's

Read the FAQ's below to find out more about the Woolley Street Project.

How will parking be affected and how many parking bays will be lost?

Some parking spaces will be lost throughout the project period due to temporary installations, infrastructure changes and event road closures (See an overview below).

For Phase 1 (2 Sept - 19 September): there will be infrastructure works occurring to the streetscape including modifying the road and converting a small number of parking bays into short-stay bays. While the works are occurring, a small number of parking bays will be lost.

For Phase 2 – Stage 1 (21 September – 11 October): the infrastructure works will be completed and there will be no loss to parking spaces. A small stretch of parking bays will be short-stay parking bays. Time restrictions will be implemented across these, to allow for quick take-away restaurant pickups. While this will reduce long-term parking, it will also allow further takeaway business for local restaurants; while additionally prompting local visitors to either park a little further away and walk or consider more environmentally friendly transport options such as public transport and/or bike riding.

For Phase 2 – Stage 2 (12 October – 11 November): Similar to Experiment 1, a small stretch of short-stay bays will still be implemented across a portion of available parking spaces. Some additional parking spots will also be lost near the Woolley St. L-bend due to activities and event road blocks, a car turning circle will be implemented and facilitated where such barriers are established.

To view the individual traffic management plans for all the parking changes, click here.

What consultation has been undertaken before the project period?

Consultation for this project and associated activities around Dickson took place during the development of the Dickson Place plan in 2018. Consultation took place through information sessions and face-to-face meeting with businesses and the community. The Dickson Place Plan is available for download here. Additional canvassing of 100 businesses in Woolley St and the surrounding area took place in June 2019, with extra information provided. All responses and information formed part of the considerations for this project

How do I give feedback?

Throughout the project period face-to-face surveys in the Woolley Street area will be conducted to evaluate the individual success of activations/events, as well as the success of the project overall. You can also complete the survey online here.

If you would like to provide more direct feedback during the project period, you can contact the City Renewal Authority team directly responsible for this project at cityrenewal@act.gov.au. You can also get in contact with our project communications and engagement team represented by Threesides marketing – woolleystproject@threesides.com.au

Will the alfresco dining area and events be alcohol-free zones?

Yes, as there is no on-street liquor licensing for this area. However, alcohol will be available at the Great Woolley Street Banquet as it will be a licensed event.

Who will be responsible for the loose street furniture? 

Place Laboratory will be assigning a member of their team to do daily visits to the area during the project period. This will ensure the area remains clean and maintained.

Is feedback about the success of the trialled events and infrastructure going to be made publicly available?

Yes, a summary of results and observations will be made publicly available at the end of the project period.

Will events and activations be ticketed or free to attend?

The majority of activations and events will be free to participate in. Although, there will be some larger events that will have a ticketed entry-fee.

For more information please contact the City Renewal Authority