ANCA Art Bus

ANCA Art Bus

Date: late October to January 2018

Location: Various locations within the city centre

Visit an art gallery with a twist this spring in Canberra’s city centre – the ANCA Art Bus. Experience an iconic Canberra Action Bus repurposed into a mobile gallery space that will play host to exhibitions by local contemporary artists. Each artist will take over the ANCA Art Bus for a month at a time. Find out more about the artists below.

Late October/November

Tom Buckland is an Australian based sculptor and multi-media artist with a strong focus on making and materiality. Buckland’s work plays upon audience interaction using installation and sculpture to transport the audience into other worlds that darkly mirror our own reality, questioning contemporary human relationships with technology, animals and the environment.

Tom Buckland's previous artwork, Gutterbirds


Ruby Berry is a textile based artist working with three dimensional sculptural textile works and sensory engagement. Her work explores ideas of protection, comfort and containment. She uses traditional, natural materials combined with traditional process of hand spinning and basket making to create contemporary crafted objects. The objects act as a physical record of her gestures of making, communicating to the viewer the intimacy, time and energy devoted to each object.


Dionisia Salas has been working with repeated marks and pattern in her work and has experimented with this through painting, silkscreen printing, burning techniques into paper surfaces, and collage.

She has been experimenting with how formal investigations in abstract mark, colour, pattern and composition can result in the artwork being a document of its own making.

This event has been made possible with support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants program.