Bike repair stations

Bike repair stations

Published 28 July 2020

Repair your bike in the city at the recently installed bike repair stations

Finding yourself out riding your bike more often lately? Well so have lots of others as we rediscover our local neighbourhoods, walking and cycling. Supporting this growing trend, and to encourage you to jump back on the saddle the City Renewal Authority has installed bike repair stations in Lonsdale Street Braddon, in Latin American Plaza, Civic and at Henry Rolland Park.

The repair stations come complete with a wide range of tools and an easy to use bike pump (with PSI gauge), as well as a QR code on top to scan for more information about how to use the stand and some tips on the different tools! Seat a bit low? Raise it with the Allen key. Pedal loose? Tighten it with the handy spanner. Mud guard falling off? Tighten it up with the screwdriver, and of course – the usual problem - not enough air in the tyre? Pump some air back in to get you on your way.

Given the big jump in bike sales being reported by shops all over Canberra since March, the City Renewal Authority has installed these repair stands to encourage more people make cycling their first choice to get from A to B. This contributes to a healthier, active community and a more liveable city, with less congestion. For many people this might be the first time they have ridden a bike in a long time. Don’t despair! The repair stands will help get them back on their bikes trouble-free! The City Place Managers helped to install the repair stands and will regularly monitor them. They recently counted and mapped all the bike racks in the city centre and Braddon area. There are 500 bicycle racks located around the city area for you to securely lock your bike.

The next time you come into the city, consider cycling in – the irritation of a flat tyre or a loose part needing adjustment can be conveniently fixed on the go when you need to!

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