Changemaker Career and Craft Hub

Changemaker Career and Craft Hub

Published 21 October 2020

Poster to promote Changemaker career and craft hubHave you ever wondered how you could change the world (or your little piece of it)? Visit Dickson Village during Innovate Communicate's pop-up morning workshops and talk with inspirational locals and career coaches.

They’ll help you get inspired, curious and maybe a little bit motivated. Could your next move be starting a business, changing your job or a volunteer project…?

Relax and have fun in the Craft and Catch-up zone for kids and adults. Get crafting ‘for-a-purpose’ or grab a coffee from a local business.

What’s the format?

A hub with two zones.

1: The Workshop Zone

Each morning will run slightly differently, depending on the workshop facilitators and activities. But what’s on generally: one or two workshops (30-60min) with a fantabulous local changemaker (or three!) or a career coach. YOU’LL NEED TO BOOK.

2: The Craft and Catch-up Zone (open 10:00am to 12:30pm)

Drop in for family-welcoming craft and other activities, coffee and mingling with others. SPACE LIMITED but tickets are NOT required.

Get workshop tickets here.

These workshops have been made possible through our Dickson Grants program.

Workshop details

Fri 13 Nov: Reimagining how we work

Join Bronwen Jones (architect, place-expert and writer of the Great Place Guide with ACT Government) and Tim Mahlberg (connector, catalyst, changemaker and ‘future of work’ guru) for a short walk and talk around Dickson Village. We’ll explore concepts of comfort, empowerment and connection. Following this walk we will discuss how you feel about the future of your work. Brilliant career coach Karina Dugard (from Evoke Change) will help you get crystal clear on your top career values and how knowing these can help you in future job or business decisions.

Fri 20 Nov: Be the change

What does it mean to ‘be a changemaker’? When we want to change something about ourselves, our lives or our society, how can we go about it most effectively? This workshop, with brilliant entrepreneur and social innovator, Megan Gilmour, will introduce you to a powerful framework to take action on what matters to you. Dive deep in to your psyche (in a fun way!) and unlock your inner changemaker.

Sat 28 Nov: Sustainability, food, life

Many of the problems we face seem huge! A changing climate, messed up food supply chains, diminishing biodiversity. It’s natural to feel a bit lost and to ask ‘does what I do really matter?’. In this workshop you’ll meet gob-smackingly inspirational people — from an internationally-recognised scientist with a love of permaculture to local social entrepreneurs and activists — who are fostering change and working hard to make the Dickson area (and the world) a better place. Come along and ask your questions about anything… backyard sustainability, how to reduce your waste and carbon footprint or what a better food choice could be.

Fri 4 Dec: Changing: Business, culture, us

Dickson is known for its diverse cuisine. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see other facets of ‘doing things differently’. Come along to this session and hear from an interesting mix of Dickson business owners and locals creating positive change. They have been on winding career/passion journeys and are adding their own particular flavour to the area. What other businesses or community initiatives could be on the horizon? What change do you want to be part of?