Design out waste

Design out waste

Published 30 October 2019

water bottle, spoon, mushroom, recycle sign, woolFrom Sunday 10 November – Sunday 17 November 2019 see an installation near the Canberra Centre City Walk entrance created by ACT NoWaste and Artist Rachel Develin that provokes the community to consider the true impact of our way of life as part of National Recycling Week.

The “World of Waste” installation has been created in collaboration with students across the ACT, designed to illustrate the wastefulness of our make-buy-toss lifestyle. Items of rubbish have been intricately woven into a central globe sculpture. By showing everyday items inside the packaging and natural resources from which they originate, artist Rachel Develin hopes it will encourage people to question where items in their shopping trolley come from and the effort, water, resources, money and emissions that were used to produce them.

Also on display will be novel sustainable packaging examples from around the world including refillable, reusable, compostable and recyclable materials such as “dirt bags”, “paper bottles” and “seaweed sachets”. Experimental materials like “Muskin”- mushroom leather, Post-able wine bottles and 3D printed sneakers made from ocean plastics show how designers are re-designing the way to make and use everyday products.

The installation and sustainable packaging products will be on display all week from Sunday 10 November – Sunday 17 November 2019 from 10am – 5pm daily.  Visit, be inspired and learn more about how you can design out waste in your own life.

For more infomation about National Recycling week in the ACT, visit the website.

When: Sunday 10 - 17 November 2019, 10am - 5pm

Where: near the Canberra Centre City Walk entrance