City Improvements

City Improvements

Published 19 July 2019

A colourful carousel, new trees and more to brighten the city centre

Civic is looking brighter, more colourful and welcoming thanks to a facelift for the much-loved merry-go-round, the recent installation of more than 100 pieces of new furniture, and an ongoing winter ‘clean and green’ sweeping through the city’s public spaces.

Over the past few weeks, the City Renewal Authority has been hard at work brightening Civic and Braddon, particularly City Walk, Petrie Plaza, Garema Place, Ainslie Place and Lonsdale Street to make these spaces feel more inviting for people to spend time in.

The merry-go-round pavilion has had a fresh coat of paint with bright pops of blue, pink and yellow on its exterior. It now shines brightly at night too thanks to new interior and exterior lighting.

In partnership with Transport Canberra and City Services, 39 new street trees have been planted around the city centre and Braddon to provide shade and reduce urban heat during summer. A thorough ‘clean and green’ is also underway with pavers and paths being fixed and jet-cleaned, garden beds being weeded and mulched, and furniture being cleaned.

City Renewal Authority acting chief executive Craig Gillman said a new lawn area and lawn games, flower planters, tables, chairs, benches and foosball tables have been installed in City Walk, Petrie Plaza, Garema Place and Ainslie Place. Adding to the colour and appeal of this furniture, a large colourful ground mosaic in Garema Place is being repainted.

“Civic’s public places provide a meeting space for everyone in the community. Ensuring these are spaces that encourage people to visit, spend time in and make connections is key to creating a successful place,’” Mr Gillman said.

“In order to create an appealing and welcoming space, you need to have the right ingredients. The addition of street furniture, greenery, colour, lighting and an extensive cleaning program will assist in enlivening the city centre, hopefully encouraging the community to spend more time in these spaces.”

Upgrades to the Canberra Times Fountain are next on the list for the City Renewal Authority, in partnership with Transport Canberra and City Services, with new lighting to illuminate the fountain to be installed within the next few weeks.

The works contribute to the City Renewal Authority’s goal of curating high-quality, welcoming places for people to enjoy.