Design, art and festivals throughout November

Design, art and festivals throughout November

Published 01 July 2020
marilou chagnaud graphic in civic square, aerial image
Artist: Marilou Chagnaud. Photographer: 5foot photography

Across the month of November 2019, a variety of festivals, design events and outdoor activities were held throughout Civic and Braddon, which were made possible via our City Grants program.

Between 4 – 24 November, the DESIGN Canberra Festival was back with over 150 events, exhibitions, talks, tours, activations, markets, collaborations, artist studios and open homes. Through the City Grants program’s support, the festival footprint was able  to expand its offerings in Civic.

In November 2019, Civic Square was transformed to become a dedicated hub for talks, entertainment, parties, performances, art, workshops and wellness activities. The program included keynote talks, panel discussions, designer presentations, tours, films, music, pop-up bars, product launches and a wellness program that involved yoga, meditation, social running and cycling groups. A highlight was the Visible City speaker series, which explored how Canberra’s contemporary urban renewal efforts made visible our city’s distinctive design identity, inclusive processes, and the hope and dreams of our community.

The Canberra Institute of Technology continued the theme of design and presented the Orange Wolves – art and design event, which extended the opportunity to engage in all things creative in Glebe Park between 26 – 28 November 2019. Six retired Action buses were transformed into small cinemas, music venues, fashion parades, maker spaces, and installation spaces that could be visited across the weekend.

If an active adventure sounded more up your alley, the Canberra City Hustle-Urban Treasure Hunt was on Saturday 9 November between 8am – 3pm. In a similar style to the TV show ‘Amazing Race’, participants explored on-foot answering questions, solving puzzles and completing challenges, all with the aim of being the team with the most points at the finish line.

Other outdoor events included the SpringOUT Big Community Picnic on Saturday 24 November between 11am – 5pm and the CBRtalks community listening project. The listening project was an innovative mobile conversation space, designed to engage Canberrans in the city and actively listen to the diverse stories which make up the community. As CBRtalks listened to these stories, they captured the faces of Canberra and used polaroid snaps that created an interactive art installation in the mobile conversation space.