Garden of Enchantment

Garden of Enchantment

Published 01 July 2020

Garden of Enchantment survey results

17 December 2019

We conducted a survey to evaluate the use and enjoyment of our spring installation, the Garden of Enchantment, which was installed in Garema Place during September and October 2019.

The Garden was installed as part of our seasonal presentation and programming of the city, celebrating spring and providing a space for people to stop, relax and enjoy Garema Place.

We received 40 responses from the community and 14 responses from businesses located in or near Garema Place. 100% of the businesses surveyed liked having the Garden of Enchantment in Garema Place and believed it increased the amount of time people spent in the area. 75% believed it improved footfall to their business and 91% believed it improved their perception of Garema Place.

Community sentiment for the garden was also positive. 78% of respondents believed it improved their perception of Garema Place and most were satisfied with the Garden of Enchantment as an overall experience. Suggestions for improvement included having a more permanent installation in the area or keeping it for longer, having more events targeted at adults, more advertising of the installation and making it bigger/more enchanting.

We’ll use this feedback to plan for future events in the area in 2020. Keep following our social channels @CityRenewalCBR to be the first in the know about events and activities we’re hosting in the city precinct.

4 people sitting on grass, chess behind them

garden of enchantment banner

When: 6 September – 20 October 2019

Where: Garema Place, Canberra City 2601

Between 6 September to 20 October 2019, Garema Place was transformed like never before. People delighted in the tulip blooms, relaxed on the field of clover and let their little ones play in the secret fairy garden. Activities throughout the six weeks were aimed keep both the young and old entertained.

Visitors were invited to stroll across the Billy Goat Bridge over the pond, skip down Pebble Path, crawl through Bilbies Burrow, play in the Fairy Garden, wander over to the Wishing Well and roll down Humpty’s Hill.

Planter boxes were filled with tulip blooms and seasonal planting, which bought bright colours and different textures to the garden, while a large magpie and cockatoo sculptural lighting installation in the trees above glowed and flashed with brilliant vibrant light. These sculptures were created by local artist Tom Buckland.

In addition to the physical elements, which were available day and night to relax or play on, the Garden of Enchantment hosted a program of events throughout the six weeks.

The Soul Defender truck made appearances at the garden to brighten Friday afternoons. Lunchbox acoustic sessions were also held each Wednesday, providing the perfect spot to relax on the lawn and take in the tunes. People were even able to listen to an enthralling story or two.

There were other types of fun for the kids too, with free Lucy Sparkles music workshops and face painting held throughout the school holiday period. Lawn games like Jenga, Finska and Connect 4 were out each day for people to make your own fun.

Soul Defender Sessions

soul defender

Feel good with soul music pumping, bubbles popping, ecofetti flying, and unifying events for 2 to 200 year-olds.

Lunchbox acoustic


Image credit: Martin Ollman

People could kick back and relax over lunch to the soothing tunes of Canberra’s local music talent. Below are the artists who played:

Toby Morwitch
Wed 11 September
Toby is a local musician with a fun and playful attitude to life. Playing in numerous bands at ANU including the well-loved Capital Breakfast Club, Toby will put a smile on your face in the Enchanted Garden this Spring.

Sophie Edwards
Wed 18 September and Wed 16 October
THE GIRL WHO KNOWS HOW TO USE A LOOPER BETTER THAN ED SHEERAN HAS ONE OF THE BEST VOICES I'VE EVER HEARD" GABBY MARSHALL, BMA MAGAZINE. Sophie is a twenty-year-old singer-songwriter from Canberra, Australia, who prides herself in her experiences and explorations of multiple music genres throughout her life.

Kate Lyons
Wed 25th Sept  & Wed 9th Oct
Kate Lyons first started out writing songs with a cheap ukulele her dad bought her, eventually shifting camps to guitar. She writes raw and emotional songs that question some of the truths of life. Her main stage is the street, where she regularly busks.

Andre Saleh
Wed 2nd Oct
Andre is a local fingerstyle acoustic guitarist who started playing in college with an old acoustic guitar that a family friend had donated. After hours staring at this unfamiliar instrument and pondering whether or not to pick it up, he decided to learn 'Tribute' by Tenacious D. Andre gravitated towards fingerstyle guitar and it has become his signature.

Storytelling in the Square

storyteling in the park

People could spend a lunchtime escaping into the rich and exciting worlds of some of Canberra’s best story tellers.

Flower Crown Workshop

flower crown workshop

You could take part in a DIY flower crown workshop with the West Row Botanica team. Gorgeous flowers, lots of creativity and fun were on the table as people designed their very own crown made from fresh flowers!

Floriade Gnome Visit

Floriade’s pink gnome stopped by for a visit at the Garden of Enchantment!

Fairy face painting and music with Lucy Sparkles & Friends

fairy workhop

Lucy Sparkles and Friends in the Garden of Enchantment created some fairy magic fun. Each Wednesday and Friday throughout the school holiday period, children could have their faces painted as the most marvellous or mischievous fairy they can conjure. On Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school holidays they could make magical music with a variety of percussion instruments.

Lawn games

People could make their own fun at the Garden of Enchantment and challenge friends or passers-by to a game of chess, skittles, Finska, connect 4 or quoits. Hula Hoops could also be found at the garden.

Events that happened near the Garden, hosted by others

The Australian Unicycle championships (uninats)

man on a unicycle performing a trick

Hosted by: ACT Unicycling

Over 100 top unicyclists from Australia and overseas took part in the Australian Unicycle championships across the October long weekend.

Project Beats Street Dance Performance

Project Beats will came in hot, showing off what they got.

Impact Comics Festival 

woman dancing, people watching at impact comics festival 2018

Hosted by: Impact Comics

A marketplace featured over 30 comic-book writers, artists, zine-makers, clubs, costumers, crafters and more.