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CBRtalks is coming to City Walk in November 2019.

CBRtalks is an innovative mobile conversation space, designed to engage Canberrans in the city and actively listen to the diverse stories which make up the community. Anyone is free to participate and can talk about whatever they like.

Published: 01 July 2020

Haig Park Experiments

Discover what's happening in Haig Park. There's events, activities, new street furniture, park caretakers and more!

Published: 09 August 2019

Design, art and festivals throughout November

Across the month of November, a variety of festivals, design events and outdoor activities will be held throughout Civic and Braddon, made possible via our City Grants program.

Published: 01 July 2020

Our team's achievements

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Published: 01 July 2020

Woolley St. Project

For 8 weeks, starting at the end of September, Woolley Street will be the focus of activations including changes to the streetscape, installation of additional street furniture, and testing alternative traffic conditions and parking. The activations will also include a series of events designed to attract more visitors to the area, encouraging them to explore and engage with local businesses.

Published: 23 October 2019

Design out waste

From Sunday 10 November – Sunday 17 November 2019 see an installation near the Canberra Centre City Walk entrance created by ACT NoWaste and Artist Rachel Develin that provokes the community to consider the true impact of our way of life as part of National Recycling Week.

Published: 30 October 2019

Spend spring in the sunshine

Spend time outdoors this spring at the Garden of Enchantment in Garema Place and at the return of the Playful Endeavour in Glebe Park.

Published: 30 September 2019

Playful Endeavour 2019

Wheels for a car one minute, a seat in a rocket ship the next – the Playful Endeavour is back for the October school holidays!

Enjoy a pop-up play space in Glebe Park from 28 September – 11 October 2019. A collection of found and made materials will be on offer to encourage creative play for children of all ages and abilities (plus a big pile of dirt to get messy in!).

Published: 23 September 2019

Light rail and the new public network has begun

Light rail officially opened to the public on Saturday 21 April. More than 25,000 people enjoyed a ride on its opening day and many people are now using the service for their daily commutes or getting to the city centre.

Published: 30 April 2019

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