Plant giveaway

Refresh of flower displays for Civic and Braddon

27 February 2019

Civic and Braddon’s flower planters are getting a refresh! Yesterday members of the community participated in a free plant giveaway to find new permanent gardens for over 1000 plants.

The displays have been in place across Lonsdale Street in Braddon, Veterans Park near the bus interchange and Latin American Plaza in the city’s west since January 2019.

The giveaway makes way for the flower planters to be refreshed with new displays for autumn. Expect to see autumn colour filling new flower displays from March onwards.

The City Renewal Authority has been putting flower planters in Civic and Braddon to bring colour and life to their public spaces since August 2018. The flower planters will continue to pop up throughout the city.

The flower planters are an initiative of the City Renewal Authority, made possible via the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy.

Calling all plant lovers! Tomorrow (Tuesday 26 February) We are giving away free plants from 12.30pm at the following locations:

We recommend 4 plants per person to share the greenery around. Similar plant varieties will be available across all locations.

1000 plants to be given away tomorrow in Civic and Braddon

25 February 2019Plant giveaway

Civic and Braddon’s flower displays are getting a refresh and the community is invited to take home the existing plants by participating in the City Renewal Authority’s plant giveaway tomorrow.

More than 1000 plants will be on offer, with the aim for all of them to be reused by the community.

City Renewal Authority chief executive Malcolm Snow said the flower displays were part of the authority’s work to bring vibrancy and interest to the city precinct’s public spaces.

“We have been trialing the flower displays in several public spaces since August last year, and received a positive response,” Mr Snow said.

“Initiatives such as the flower displays help toimprove people’s experience in public spaces, with the additional colour and greenery adding vibrancy and interest to particular locations.”

Plants that will be on offer in the giveaway tomorrow include Heucheras, Salvias, Lobularias, Helichrysums and Bracteanthas.

The plant giveaway makes way for the flower planters to be refreshed for autumn. The planters will be refilled with new species to reflect the changing season.

The community can attend the plant giveaway at 12.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday 26 February) across three different locations:

It is hoped that by spreading the giveaway across three different locations, wherever people are living, working or playing in Civic and Braddon tomorrow, they can access the giveaway easily.  All plants across the three locations will be of a similar mix. Community members will be able to give the plants a new life in their gardens or planter boxes.  A limit of four plants per person applies.  The flower displays are an initiative of the City Renewal Authority, made possible via the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy.  Follow @cityrenewalCBR on social media for updates.

Plant Giveaway

November 2018

We are giving away free plants in Garema Place this Wednesday 7 November 2018 from 12.30pm!

As we refresh our planter boxes in the city, help us find a new home for the current displays - we want to recycle them all!

Come to Garema Place, near The Greenshed in City Walk, from 12.30pm to get yourself some greenery for your home.