ReNewYou - free healthy activities in the city

Published 24 November 2020

What is ReNewYou?

ReNewYou is a trial program of free, weekly healthy activity classes to encourage people to get out and enjoy their city centre.

The activities in the program, like Zumba, yoga or boot camp, changes regularly to provide a variety of opportunities for people to get active.

There are lots of great public spaces in our city for people to spend time in and the ReNewYou program gives people an extra incentive to get out, be healthy and socialise.

As well as helping make our community healthier, the program also adds to the activity and rejuvenation of the city centre.

The most successful spaces support a variety of activities and uses, making them more interesting and appealing.

Upcoming activities


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Classes by Debora Di Centa will take place in Glebe Park on Wednesdays in December u until 16 December from noon - 1pm.

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Why is the City Renewal Authority restarting the programme?

The City Renewal Authority understands being outdoors is good for you. Being socially present from a distance is important for your mental health when you’re healthy, and physical exercise is an important part of living a healthy life. The City Renewal Authority recognises that organised classes are a great way to improve your mental and physical well being, but sometimes cost can be a factor in not attending. We want to provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved and try new ways to exercise.

Why is this programme important?

In the 2017-18 National Health Survey, almost two thirds (64.0%) of adults were overweight or obese. Over one third (37.6%) of adults were overweight and over one quarter (26.4%) were obese. We need to give opportunities for people to get up and move more, even if you only join in the class for five minutes, that’s five minutes more than you would have done otherwise, and maybe you can do seven minutes next week and ten the week after that.

What kinds of activities are programmed? 

Zumba in September

Boot Camp in October

Yoga in November

If you have an activity you’d love to see part of the programme, let us know. The programme is about encouraging people who don’t normally do much exercise an opportunity to be able to do so.

How will these classes operate in a COVID environment? 

The classes will all be held outdoors in wide open spaces, allowing for a minimum of 4 square metres per person. All participants will be asked to provide their contact details for tracing purposes should an infection be identified. We encourage all attendees to ‘keep it clean’ and sanitise their hands for any exercises/activities where they might encounter a ‘touch point’. No equipment will be shared by participants, and all will be asked to BYO water bottle, yoga mat etc.

Participants will be refused attendance if exhibiting symptoms of viral infection. Additionally, we will ask for people to register in advance via our booking sites so that we can monitor the class size and ensure there is enough space and that the activity takes place within current government guidelines.

Is any special equipment required?

Bring yourself, comfy clothes, shoes suitable for exercise, and your own water and sunscreen. For some activities, you may need to bring additional items eg. your own yoga mat or large beach towel however this information will be included in the booking information.

Past activities


Zumba Bootcamp ReNewYou

Classes by Kokoloco will take place in Garema Place on Tuesdays in September from noon to 1pm.

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bootcamp renewyou

Boot camp classes by Sacred Experience will take place in Glebe Park on Wednesdays in October from noon to 1pm.

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yoga renewyou

Yoga classes by FlowYoga will take place in City Walk on Tuesdays in October from 7am - 8am and Glebe Park on Thursday from noon to 1pm.