Situate is a week-long dance and music residency in Civic, hosted by the Australian Dance Party.

The performances are focused on drawing on, not imposing on, the sites that they are interacting with.

During the residency the group will to test, experiment and push the boundaries of their locations.

They will be working on site from 10am to 4pm daily.

Performance times:

Tuesday 21 August - 12:30pm Garema Place
3:15pm Bunda Street
Wednesday 22 August - 12:30pm Petrie Plaza
3:15pm City Walk
Thursday 23 August - 12:30pm Bunda Street
3:15pm Civic Square
Friday 24 August - 12:30pm Bus Interchange
3:15pm City Walk
Saturday 25 August - 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm NewActon, Nishi Grand Stair

Artists: Olivia Fyfe, Stephen Gow, Alana Stenning and Alison Plevey
Musicians: Tim Wickham, Alex Voorhoeve and Simon Millman.

This event has been made possible with support from the ACT Government, under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants program, and from the You Are Here Festival.