Healthy Eating websites and apps

These links and resources may help you make healthier food choices.

Download a PDF version of the Healthy Eating: websites and apps factsheet (608KB).


Healthy Living

Healthy Living is the website of the ACT Government's Healthy Weight Action Plan which addresses overweight and obesity in the ACT. This site provides useful links to other resources.

Nutrition Australia

The Nutrition Australia website includes recipes, resources and information about healthy eating.


LiveLighter aims to encourage Australian adults to lead healthier lifestyles by making changes to what they eat and drink, and to be more active. Website includes a meal and activity planner, healthy recipes and fact sheets.

Good Habits for Life

Good Habits for Life encourages parents of children under eight years to develop good habits in their household around eating well, moving more and getting more out of life. Website includes recipes, resources, and allows you to create a personalised program for your family.

Get set 4 Life - habits for healthy kids

Get set 4 Life - habits for healthy kids is a booklet with practical information, techniques and tips for teaching children healthy habits that could last a lifetime. Key areas of health and age appropriate development covered in the booklet include: healthy eating, regular exercise, speech and language, oral health and more.

The Mixing Bowl

The Mixing Bowl presents 2 cookbooks containing healthy recipes:

  • Healthy Recipes for One or Two - a cookbook of simple, healthy recipes for two people.
  • Healthy Recipes for 10 or more - provides recipes for tasty and nutritious food for larger groups. It also offers tips on food budgeting and planning, how to make recipes stretch and food safety.


FoodCents is an education program that helps families achieve a healthy diet and save money on their grocery shop.

Healthy Active

Healthy Active is a Commonwealth website with information on healthy eating, regular physical activity and overweight and obesity to help all Australians lead healthy and active lives.

ACT Health Women Youth and Children Nutrition

The ACT Health Women Youth and Children Nutrition webpage has a range of resources including Tuckatalk, Foodwise and Talk about Weight relating to healthy eating.

Eat for Health

Eat for Health contains information on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Smartphone Apps for Healthy Eating

8700 - free app for Apple and Android

An initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health and the NSW Food Authority, 8700 is named after the average Australian adult's daily consumption of kilojoules. It provides consumers with information about the kilojoule content of menu items available for sale in major 'fast' food and snack chains and includes kilojoule content information on ready-to-eat foods and salads available through major supermarkets.

Enter a few details and the app:

  • gives you an individualised guide on how many kilojoules you can consume daily to either maintain your current weight or to lose weight;
  • calculates how much energy you burn through everyday activities, exercise and sports;
  • searches over 3,000 fast foods from larger Australian fast food and snack chains; and
  • converts calories to kJ (and vice versa).


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