Social Inclusion

1. Improve awareness, skills and capability across the ACT in buying and preparing healthy food.

An education campaign to help people make healthier food choices can have lasting benefits for entire families. This action aims to build on past ACT initiatives which included the provision of nutritional information in supermarkets and education sessions for parents with low incomes and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

2. Create new incentives for targeted populations to increase the uptake of healthy food and/or active travel options.

Targeted healthy choice incentives have shown strong results overseas, particularly with low income households where obesity rates are often higher. Leading Australian researchers have also recommended this approach. Implementation may include joint initiatives with local food markets, retailers or community groups who provide existing support services to low income groups.

Making Healthy Food Choices brochures

The Making Healthy Food Choices brochure (English version) was translated into 11 different languages as part of the Translation of Educational Material Project. The project was one of six Healthy Weight Initiative projects managed by the Community Participation Group, Community Services Directorate.

The brochures were translated into a number of languages directly from the English version to ensure health and educational materials are available to people from a range culturally diverse backgrounds. The brochures were translated into the following languages:

If you would like a copy of one of the Making Healthy Food Choices brochures, please contact the Community Participation Group on 6207 0555 or email

Social Inclusion Implementation Group Summary Report

The Social Inclusion Implementation Group delivered a number of initiatives throughout 2014-16 to provide assistance to areas of socioeconomic disadvantage in the ACT community, to encourage their uptake of physical activity and knowledge of healthy food choices.

The Social Inclusion Implementation Group Summary Report highlights the work undertaken with multicultural communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, young people in the youth justice system, Housing ACT tenants and specific sectors within those populations, such as women and young parents.

Social Inclusion Implementation Group - Summary Report - June 2016 (PDF 1.2MB)

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