About the strategy

This ACT Housing Strategy (2.2 MB) (the strategy) provides a roadmap for housing in the ACT for the next decade.

In recognition of the unique and complex challenges that exist in the ACT housing market, the strategy puts in place policy interventions to meet the Territory's diverse and changing needs now and into the future; most importantly, it includes a sustainable supply of housing for households at all income levels.

The strategy is based around five goals that focus improvements in the housing market to those issues of most concern to the community. These goals are supported by objectives that underpin the implementation of the strategy. These objectives shape and guide policy, planning and delivery of appropriate housing for every ACT household.

The strategy is also supported by the ACT Government's Homes and Housing website, which will bring together all government policy, information, advice and support related to housing into one place.

The strategy builds on the considerable achievements of the 2007 Affordable Housing Action Plan, what the ACT Government heard through its conversation with the ACT community in 2017, including the Housing and Homelessness Summit, an analysis of the issues by housing industry and community leaders, and research and analysis relevant to the housing sector.

The review of the Affordable Housing Action Plan and the ACT Housing Strategy conversation with the community and industry took place over 18 months. The outcomes of the conversation and the 2017 Housing and Homelessness Summit appear in the consultation report, What We Heard—Developing a New Housing Strategy for the ACT.

While the strategy has a 10-year timeframe, the associated Implementation Plan (107.9 KB) outlines immediate and short-term actions, with defined outcomes and indicators to measure progress.