Implementation and reporting

The key tools for implementing, monitoring and reporting on the government's progress against the objectives of the ACT Housing Strategy (PDF 2.2 MB) (the strategy) are the Implementation Plan, annual Report Cards and the Homes and Housing website.

Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan (PDF 107.9 KB) sets out how the strategy will be delivered. The strategy is a whole-of-government effort. Directorates are working together to deliver the actions and monitor and report on outcomes of the Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan sets out which government directorates are responsible for each action, increasing transparency and accountability for delivering the outcomes.

The ACT Government continues to collaborate with industry and community groups to implement existing actions and design new actions, which reflect an evidence-based approach to delivery and ensures the strategy remains current and responsive to emerging issues and priorities. It will also continue working with the Australian Government on data improvement and data sharing as part of the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement.

Report Cards

The ACT Government reports back to the community annually on the strategy and the progress and status of the actions in the Implementation Plan.

Homes and Housing website

The Homes and Housing website provides a central online location for information about the services, programs and policies designed to support the government's commitment to affordable housing in the ACT.

The site is progressively updated in relation to the strategy and as actions, policies and programs are implemented.

The site provides information about accommodation support services such as crisis accommodation, and links to other government services relevant to the strategy such as building and planning information.

The website helps the community know where to go for help, advice, information and support, or to discuss their ideas.

More information

Contact Planning, Land and Building on 13 22 81 or email