Goal 2: Reducing Homelessness

Reducing Homelessness

ActionTimeframe Directorate ResponsibilityOutcome/Indicator
2A. Build strong ACT Government and community sector partnerships to effectively address homelessness in the ACT        1. Work with the community to co-design new policies and programs and bring in the voices of those who have a lived experience of homelessness. Ongoing CSD Ongoing engagement with community partners.
2. Implement a more structured and agile approach to community engagement, working iteratively to test ideas and be responsive to the input and feedback. Ongoing CSD New policies and programs introduced/launched.
2B. Intervene early and reduce the intergenerational impacts of homelessness 1. Prioritise young people, including young mothers, and women and children escaping domestic and family violence to provide assistance early to minimise the intergenerational impacts of experiencing homelessness. Ongoing CSD Specific groups identified and prioritised.
2. Continue to partner with the Coordinator General for Family Safety to strengthen the government’s response to women and children experiencing family and domestic violence. Ongoing CSD/EPSDD Continuation of the partnership.
2C. Address gaps in our services system and respond to new and emerging groups vulnerable to homelessness 1. Support culturally appropriate public and community housing accommodation options and support programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 2018-19 to 2020-21 CSD Increase in accommodation options and support programs.
2. Work with the sector to design and implement specific programs targeted at new and emerging groups at risk of homelessness. In the 2018-19 Budget the Government allocated $6.5m to address gaps in the homelessness service system including for the development of programs to support older women and migrant families who are homeless or at risk. Ongoing CSD Programs designed and implemented.
3. Work with the sector to investigate and implement a model of support that draws upon the principles of housing first, particularly for those experiencing long-term homelessness. 2018-19 to 2020-21 CSD Model determined.
4. Strengthen the Human Services Gateway (OneLink) to reach out to people and be available at the times when people need help. 2018-19 CSD Human Services Gateway strengthened.
2D. Improve pathways out of homelessness 1. Work with the sector to identify, prioritise and assist those in crisis accommodation who can transition into public, community or private housing depending on their needs, and provide support to assist them to sustain their tenancies. 2018-19 to 2020-21 CSD Improved transition out of crisis accommodation.
2. Establish a diverse range of housing models in the ACT to meet the needs of people who require permanent supportive accommodation to remain out of homelessness. 2018-19 CSD Housing models established.
3. Continue supporting the Common Ground model. Ongoing CSD Continued operation of Common Ground Gungahlin and investigation underway to establish Common Ground in Dickson.
2E. Develop a strong and sustainable homelessness services sector supported to enhance workforce and organisational capability 1. Develop a new professional development and training program for frontline housing and homelessness organisations to enhance their organisational and workforce capacity. 2018-19 CSD Increase in professional development and training in the sector.
2. Develop a framework for the proper assessment and referral for people who have a lived experience of trauma. 2018-19 CSD Better data and analysis procured and utilised.
2F. Establish an integrated and coordinated human services system across the ACT Government 1. Work across government to establish formal and informal information sharing and collaboration to provide a holistic response to preventing and addressing homelessness, particularly for those exiting care and custody. Ongoing CSD Sharing and collaboration opportunities established.
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