Goal 5: Increasing Affordable Home Ownership

Affordable housing

ActionTimeframe Directorate ResponsibilityOutcome/Indicator
5A. Provide more affordable homes for purchase 1. Set an annual target to increase affordable home purchase opportunities as part of the commitment to dedicate 15% of the indicative land release program to public, community and affordable housing. Annual EPSDD/SLA/CRA Land released annually for dedicated affordable home purchase opportunities.
2. Investigate mechanisms to protect and maintain dedicated, individually titled affordable home purchase homes. Ongoing EPSDD Mechanisms investigated and recommendation made.
3. Investigate new affordable home purchase price thresholds linked to the number of bedrooms, to replace the current thresholds linked to floor area, to coincide with the finalisation of the Apartment Design Guide and the Attached Housing Design Guide. 2019-20 EPSDD New thresholds introduced ahead of the release of land in the 2019-20 year.
4. Deliver a communications campaign to encourage awareness of the Australian Government’s new first home super saver scheme. 2019 EPSDD Communications plan developed and executed.
5. Undertake a targeted communications project to promote the role of Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) as housing financier for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to purchase a home with low cost financing. 2019 EPSDD/CSD Communications plan developed and executed.
6. Explore the viability of dedicated affordable home purchase properties to be constructed and sold to eligible households on the ACT Government’s home purchase database Ongoing EPSDD Viability investigated and recommendations made.
7. Investigate financial incentives to encourage the delivery of additional affordable home purchase properties on privately owned land through consideration of mechanisms such as lease variation charge remissions, or planning controls. Ongoing EPSDD Viability investigated and recommendations made.
5B. Increase home ownership through alternative finance and occupancy models 1. Pilot a shared equity initiative in partnership with a community housing provider. 2018-19 EPSDD lead

Shared equity homes released to the market.
2. Investigate feasibility and possible program design for implementing a broader-ranging shared equity (or rent to buy) scheme in the ACT. Ongoing EPSDD Feasibility investigated and recommendations made.
3. Investigate the feasibility of expanding the Land Rent Scheme to allow a shared land equity product through stair casing. Ongoing EPSDD Feasibility investigated and recommendations made.
4. Test co-housing models for affordable housing provision through the first year of the Affordable Housing Innovation Fund. 2018-19 EPSDD Innovation Fund grants allocated, monitored and acquitted and a report released on the outcomes of the pilot projects.
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