Vision and goals

Strategy vision

The ACT Housing Strategy (PDF 2.2 MB) (the strategy) will encourage and promote a housing market that meets the diverse and changing needs of the Canberra community, and enables a sustainable supply of housing for individuals and families at all income levels.

Strategy Goals and Objectives

  1. An Equitable, Diverse and Sustainable Supply of Housing for the ACT Community
    • Provide land and housing development opportunities to meet demand.
    • Set a 15% target for social and affordable housing.
    • Maintain a healthy land and housing development pipeline.
    • Provide a diverse mix of housing types and choice.
    • Facilitate innovative design and delivery mechanisms.
    • Encourage well designed, environmentally sustainable and accessible housing.
  2. Reducing homelessness
    • Build strong ACT Government and community sector partnerships to effectively address homelessness in the ACT.
    • Intervene early and reduce the intergenerational impacts of homelessness.
    • Address gaps in our services system and respond to new and emerging groups vulnerable to homelessness.
    • Improve pathways out of homelessness.
    • Develop a strong and sustainable homelessness services sector supported to enhance workforce and organisational capability.
    • Establish an integrated and coordinated human services system across the ACT Government.
  3. Strengthening Social Housing Assistance
    • Grow and renew social housing to better meet demand.
    • Build a range of housing options that are designed to better meet the diverse and contemporary tenant needs.
    • Develop a tenancy service that focuses on client outcomes and responds to individual needs.
    • Provide a better customer experience through a modern and digital service platform for current and future tenants.
  4. Increasing Affordable Rental Housing
    • Grow and diversify the community housing sector.
    • Grow the supply of affordable private rental properties.
    • Strengthen rights and protections for tenants.
    • Provide targeted advice and support to tenants and landlords.
    • Target programs to increase supply of affordable housing for vulnerable and disadvantaged households.
  5. Increasing Affordable Home Ownership
    • Provide more affordable homes for purchase.
    • Increase home ownership through alternative finance and occupancy models.

Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan (PDF 107.9 KB) contains the actions to deliver on the goals and objectives of the strategy. The implementation plan will be monitored, reviewed and updated annually.