Year 1 Report Card

The ACT Housing Strategy Year 1 Report Card synthesises progress against objectives and actions identified for delivery in the strategy's first year of implementation, following its release in October 2018. The Report Card demonstrates steady progress to-date, with 15 of the 16 actions identified for delivery in 2018-19 either completed or progressing and a further 39 long-term actions either completed or underway.

Importantly, the Report Card highlights the distribution of actions implemented under each of the strategy’s five policy goals of:

An equitable, diverse and sustainable supply of housing for the ACT Community

demonstrating our commitment to delivering on the strategy as part of a coordinated approach to implementation, involving collaboration across government, with community and private sector organisations. This forms part of the government's collective response to the delivery of safe, secure and affordable housing and improving access to support services and programs for vulnerable Canberrans.