Growing and Renewing Public Housing


Tenant needs come first in housing

Launch of the Growth and Renewal Program sees tenants moving into homes that best suits their long term needs.

Our Stories

Hear from tenants on how the Growing and Renewing Program is making a difference.

Common Ground Dickson coming soon

Common Ground will deliver safe, affordable and secure housing for vulnerable Canberrans who need it now, and into the future.

Minister's Message

Yvette Berry, MLAPublic housing is a vehicle for better lives, social inclusion, participation and stronger communities. The stewardship of this public asset is important to ensure that affordable and secure housing is made available for Canberrans who need it, now and into the future.

This plan will support the work of the ACT Housing Strategy and its goal to strengthen social housing assistance by delivering more quality public housing to the Canberra community.

The ACT Government established an unprecedented program of public housing renewal in its last term – the largest in the Territory's history – resulting in 1,288 homes being renewed right across the Territory.

Over the next five years, this plan builds on that investment and will guide our investment of $100 million into the growth, renewal and realignment of public housing. This investment will deliver 1,200 new homes, including:

  • an additional 200 homes to grow the public housing portfolio and provide homes for more households in need, and
  • renewing more than 1,000 of our older inefficient homes to help improve quality of life for our tenants.

Having the right mix of social infrastructure means that we are better equipped to provide vulnerable members of our community with the housing stability they need.

I look forward to tracking the progress of this plan with you.

Yvette Berry MLA
Minister for Housing and Suburban Development

ACT Housing Strategy: Growing and Renewing Public Housing 2019-24 is a plan to manage the public housing portfolio over the next five years. The plan has targets to grow and renew public housing so that our portfolio meets current and future tenant needs. It aims to improve tenant experience, provide more public housing and build a progressive and inclusive city that supports vibrant local communities.