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09/07/2020I write to request under the Freedom of Information Act 2016 the final results for all surveys and polls commissioned or received by the ACT Government since my last request. Surveys and polls may include, but are not limited to, research performed by Orima Research Pty Ltd, Q&A Market Research, or received as part of a YourSay Community Panel or consultation. These documents may include but are not limited to reports issued by the consultants or contractors and include questions, results, conclusions, analysis and/or recommendations.Partial Release26/08/2020Waived35 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0909/07/2020Final documents related to the ACT Government’s capital works program during COVID-19 and for 2020-21. This may include documents similar to the capital works program that is normally published as part of the budget process.Partial Release14/08/2020Waived28 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0818/06/2020Archived digital Microsoft outlook files from account for ... at Procurement Services ... . Particularly e-mails 1. sent to JACS ExDir. Greg Hammond; and 2. e-mails received from PS/SSP Dir. David E Grey, dated 05/03/2012, on project/number 2011.15040 -ACT (Supreme) Law Courts project.Information not held29/06/2020Waived7 working daysN/AN/A

Following Major Projects Canberra taking responsibility for the SPIRE projects on 1 July 2019, it has undertaken a number of consultations and meetings with the Garran Primary School (26 August 2019 and 6 November 2019), the Garran community (26 September 2019) and the Garran Residents' Association (30 October 2019) to inform these groups of the SPIRE planning, preliminary sketch design and procurement. The ACT Government has also established a Local Community Reference Group to provide a formal mechanism for the community to provide comments and feedback in the planning and development of the project.
During these consultations and meetings, the community has conveyed a number of concerns to Major Projects Canberra, the ACT Government and the ACT Health Directorate. It is in the public interest for the community to know how their concerns have, or have not, resulted in any changes to the planning and design works undertaken to date.

I would like a copy of all minutes and actions papers arising from those meetings along with any documents which address the actions raised in those meetings, as well as indicating the offices (Government and non-Government) to which these documents were forwarded.

Partial Release05/08/2020Waived42 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0530/03/2020Email received from ... David E Grey, A/g Director of Shared Services Procurement, on the 5th March 2012, which was a change of direction notification.Information not held24/04/2020Waived19 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0430/03/2020An email ..., on the 5th March 2012, to Greg Hammond our JACS Client on the ACT Courts Redevelopment project. The particular email had a word document ... attached to it. A document was an outline scope of work for a consultant.Information not held24/04/2020Waived19 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0310/02/2020Specific measures that will be taken to protect people from friable asbestos dust during demolition of the buildings in the CIT Philip site, scheduled to commence in March this year.Full Release28/02/2020Waived14 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2020-0117/01/2020All documents and correspondence relating to the investigation of feasibility for the construction of trackless trams.Partial Release05/03/2020Waived34 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0919/11/2019Final documents prepared for or used during the 2018-19 Annual Report hearings; including briefs prepared for the Minister and other witnesses whether or not they appeared or were used. Full Release17/12/2019Waived20 working daysN/AN/A


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Documents dated from 1 November 2016 related to the change in scope, location, timing and estimated cost of the Surgical Procedures Interventional Radiology and Emergency or 'SPIRE' project.

Partial Release10/12/2019Waived30 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0722/10/2019Communications between TCCS, Transport Canberra or the Office of the Minister that relate to the 7% statement, the Light Rail statement, the 10 minute statement, the inquiry by the Commissioner of Fair Trading or the terminating point at Woden of Light Rail Stage 2.Full Release11/12/2019Waived35 working daysN/AN/A

Light rail consultation report as featured in the below media release:

Full Release31/10/2019Waived9 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0522/10/2019All certification of Light Rail Stage 1 undertaken by the ACT Utilities RegulatorPartial Release3/12/2019Waived40 working daysConfirmedN/A
MPCFOI2019-0419/09/2019Email: sent from David E Grey on 5 March 2012 between 9:00am and 12:00pm to ...
Email: sent from ... on 5 March 2012 between 9:00am and 12:00pm to Greg Hammond and cc’d to David E Grey
Information not held18/10/2019Waived20 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0302/09/2019All Ministerial briefs prepared for the Minster for
Transport by Major Projects Canberra with regards to Light Rail Stage 1, and the City to Woden Light Rail Project.
Partial Release22/10/2019Waived35 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0212/09/20191. Tender Evaluation Report – Manuka Oval Redevelopment (Stage 1) Design Consultancy Project No. 17818 - Tender number 2011.17818.110 held at folio 68-74 on file 2011/12827
2. Manuka Oval Redevelopment (Stage 1) Design Consultancy Project No. 17818 – MINUTE on Procurement, Purpose: Re-evaluation of TET Report Recommendations (9 pages in total) written by Senior Project Officer Mike Symes, which is dated 6 December 2011 and is held on file 2011/14619
3. Email sent from Mike Symes on the 9-Dec-2011 at 9:14AM to Andrew Parkinson, and cc’d to Jey Jeyendren and Peter Rea, subject 17818 – Manuka Oval Redevelopment: Independent Review – Tender Evaluation Report
Partial Release30/09/2019Waived12 working daysN/AN/A
Documents from the following tender, specifically the statement of requirements - Surgical Procedures Interventional Radiology and Emergency (SPIRE) Centre Request for Tender for a Health Planning Consultant.
Full Release 03/09/2019 Waived20 working daysN/A N/A