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MPCFOI2019-0919/11/2019Final documents prepared for or used during the 2018-19 Annual Report hearings; including briefs prepared for the Minister and other witnesses whether or not they appeared or were used. Full Release17/12/2019Waived3 working daysN/AN/A

Part 1

Part 2

Documents dated from 1 November 2016 related to the change in scope, location, timing and estimated cost of the Surgical Procedures Interventional Radiology and Emergency or 'SPIRE' project.

Partial Release10/12/2019Waived20 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0722/10/2019Communications between TCCS, Transport Canberra or the Office of the Minister that relate to the 7% statement, the Light Rail statement, the 10 minute statement, the inquiry by the Commissioner of Fair Trading or the terminating point at Woden of Light Rail Stage 2.Full Release11/12/2019Waived15 working daysN/AN/A

Light rail consultation report as featured in the below media release:

Full Release31/10/2019Waived3 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0522/10/2019All certification of Light Rail Stage 1 undertaken by the ACT Utilities RegulatorDeferred 3/12/2019Waived11 working daysN/AN/A
MPCFOI2019-0302/09/2019All Ministerial briefs prepared for the Minster for
Transport by Major Projects Canberra with regards to Light Rail Stage 1, and the City to Woden Light Rail Project.
Partial Release22/10/2019Waived6 working daysN/AN/A
Documents from the following tender, specifically the statement of requirements - Surgical Procedures Interventional Radiology and Emergency (SPIRE) Centre Request for Tender for a Health Planning Consultant.
Full Release 03/09/2019 Waived15 working daysN/A N/A